Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Boys Of Summer...

One girl's Jeannie

Daniel Nottebart, a left handed pitcher, and first baseman. He is sweet, funny and very respectful. Zach and I had a tremendously wild and fun Summer with him! He kept us laughing and having a blast! He has a HUGE smile and BIG brown eyes. He stayed up and played Uno, went swimming, and walked around walmart with us all hours of the day. He really knows how to make a girl blush ;). He goes to Sam Houston State University, he's originally from Cypress, TX. He came to Kilgore to play summer baseball for the Pumpjack's. He's VERY talented at all the things he does. ;)

He's quiet and shy, VERY attractive and he always has something nice to say.

Zach and his crazii crackhead summer friend.

well...what can i say?? hes a very wild college kid who loves to have fun and hang with friends.