Sunday, October 26, 2008

The sometimes meme

The "Sometimes" Meme: All you have to do is finish the sentence...

Sometimes I just need: space

Sometimes I want: to be someone else besides me

Sometimes I like to: be silly

Sometimes all it takes: is a little kindness

Sometimes I picture: what world peace would look like

Sometimes I wish: for a world without hunger

Sometimes I find: the most amazing things in the little details of life

Sometimes I take: my husband for granted

Sometimes I look: for best in people

Sometimes I hate: myself

Sometimes it’s nice: to be appreciated

Sometimes it hurts: thinking of my childhood

Sometimes it makes me happy: to laugh out loud

Sometimes it’s sad: because there is so much ignorance in the world

Sometimes I listen: and sometimes I don't

Sometimes I sleep: on it before making a decision

Sometimes I like to watch: people

Sometimes I feel: lonely

Sometimes I rant: about absolutely nothing

Sometimes I never: say no to helping someone in need

Sometimes I really: mean well


Dawn said...

Sometimes I hate myself too. But I'm learning to like me more... I'm a work in progress :)

I am taking classes in career and personal development. It's a program designed for women in transition. I have been working online for the last few years and I have a very strange skill set. Now that my daughter has left home I'm exploring other options that will help me get a job outside the house... I'm turning into a hermit!

Finding Pam... said...

I am turning into a hermit too. Just trying to figure out where God wants me to go next. Learning to love myself is really hard for me. :(

Career and personal development sounds interesting. What do you mean by the statement "I have a very strange skill set"? Not sure that I understand?

Dawn said...

Been running a website and earning a part time income from there. So I have webmaster skills, I can write my own ad copy for promoting and selling ebooks, I write articles, and work as an affiliate marketer and push products for other merchants. It's all self taught though. I'm looking into taking some courses that would improve my skills so that I can earn more.
The program helps guide you and helps you make informed decisions. Plus you learn a lot about yourself along the way :D