Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One rainy day walking home from school, I came upon the most amazing site. I saw hundreds on tiny sparrows that were waiting out the rain under the saftey of an oak tree. All of the tiny sparrows clutstered underneath this huge oak tree with big, lumbering branches that almost touched the ground. Words can not describe how awesome this feeling was to experience. These little birds with wet wings, let me hold them in my hands. My first thought was to gather as many as I could and take them to our apartment, but as I stood there watching, I felt a calm come over me.

Years later while I was director of Helping Hands, a food pantry, I had a phone call from a client. She said"Miss Pam, did you know I can sing?" and I said " No , I did not know that, will you sing something for me please?" So during the busiest time of my day, I was given this little gift from my client as she sang to me. What song do you think she sang? "His eye is on the sparrow." This was incredible because earlier that day I had made the connection with that childhood memory of the sparrows and now she was singing this song to me. Well, it just gave me tiny quivers of joy and moved me to tears. I shared my childhood memory with her and we cried together.

I realized that all through my childhood, God has protected me from a lot of storms in my young life. I call this a God thing.


Dawn said...

What an incredible story. Definitely a God thing :)

Dawn said...

Pam all you do is go here to pick up your graphic... there are four to choose from. Just right click and save the one of your choice.


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Finding Pam... said...

Dawn, you are an angel. Thanks for you help. ;)