Sunday, November 16, 2008

Willey Fox

We have this evil fox that has killed several of my chickens

and even one on my cats. We have trapped him but he got

out dragging the cage with him. We have set those metal

traps too. This is an image of him taken with a night camera.

Any suggestions for this willey fox?


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I was going to say he's cute, but that doesn't seem appropriate under the circumstances. He sure is wiley getting out of the trap!!! I don't have suggestions but I lost a cat to a coyote not long ago, its very horrible when that happens.

Tootie said...

Oh my, that fox looks really scary with his eyes glowing like that. Can you use a motion light that would come on when he walked up, and wouldn't that scare him away? Now that's if the chickens are locked in so they won't make the light come on. :-)

Finding Pam... said...

Believe me when I say that we have tried everything including motion lights. Thanks for the advice though and for stopping by my blog. I may have to write a post about this fox.