Monday, December 1, 2008


Yin and Yang are out of balance so I am returning
to the accupunturist for more treatment.

Another day of acupuncture and again tomorrow and the end of the week. How does this work? The doctor says my chemistry is out of balance, my yin and yang, my chi? I can barely relax laying on this hard table with my face down in the open circle. It is a strange feeling that I have not encountered before. It takes me a long time to relax before I can let the tiny little needles and the electrode do it's job. My problem is that I am so high strung that I don't even know how to relax. That is not good. I do the deep relaxation breathing, focus my attention on something else. No not me, I am tapping my feet together to the rhythm of the pulses. I can't be still. You have heard of type A personalities? I think I am a AAA personality! I am desperate so I keep going?


Akelamalu said...

I've never tried acupuncture, you'll have to report back if it works after all your treatments. :)

Chickie said...

Hope it works. I've never tried acupuncture but I love my chiropractor!

Raven said...

Write to Dennis Puffett (see Healing Haven on my side bar). And/or ask me for some reiki. Beautiful kitties. I enjoyed seeing your family photos too and reading about your wonderful friends. How great to have people like that in your life over an extended period of time.