Monday, January 19, 2009

Portrait of Words

This is a monthly writing challenge from Jeff B at A Word In Edgewise . If you would like to participate just link back to Jeff B's or look in my sidebar.


The Love of My Life.

They met in front of the Church Street Post Office. Irene was walking into the post office when John saw her struggling with her bag. Being the gentleman that he was, he offered her his assistance. Shyly, Irene accepted his help. John smiled as she thanked him. Not wanting to leave her, John quickly thought of the first thing that came to his mind. He ask if she would like to see a merry go round that he had bought and was repairing. Irene felt the same sense of familiarity and said yes that she would love to see it.

John hailed a taxi and helped Irene into it. Off they went to the warehouse a few miles a way. During their ride they talked even more about their lives. Their eyes glimmered with excitement. It was love at first sight. Neither had ever felt this way before and this feeling was new to Irene and John. What would they do next? They could hardly pull themselves apart. Irene thought of her Mother and worried what she would think of this random rendezvous with a total stranger?

Upon arrival, Irene was surprised to see the warehouse was a museum in the making. It was a completely restored Victorian town with shops, brick streets, lamp posts and even a life size horse drawn carriage and of course the carousel. The museum would be opening by the end of the month.

They walked through the warehouse when they came to the carousel. Irene smiled when she saw it, which made John laugh. Immediately, he knew that he was going to marry this beautiful woman. The hit it off and laughed together after John commented on her smile. As they talked, they realized that they had so much in common. They felt so comfortable as if they had known one another forever. John hoped his Mother would approve of Irene. Why did he care what his Mother thought anyway? But deep inside his heart, he knew he would have to go see his Mother. He had never been so impulsive before. John knew that life was short and that it passes too fast.

Irene had never seen anything so beautiful as the carousel. It was hand made and intricately carved with the most magnificent details. John had taken care to restore it to it's original beauty. He loved this carousel and could not wait for Irene to take a ride on it. The time flew by and before they knew it John said he had to take care of some business. Before he left, he ask Irene if he could have dinner with her and Irene gave him her address. He flagged a taxi for Irene and bid her farewell.

Irene had somewhere that she had to go too. She gathered some pink hydrangeas from her garden and set off for her visit. John stopped by the local florist and purchased a bouquet of pink roses and left in a hurry for his destination. It seems that both Irene and John had something very important to take care of before they met again. Excited, but apprehensive, they set about there journey with great intensity.

Quietly, Irene entered the gate and went to see her Mother. She lay the flowers down. It had been a while since she had come there. She had to do this before she could see John again. "Oh, Mother, I have met the most marvelous man." "I have never felt this way about anyone in my life." "What should I do?" Irene cried because she was sad and needed to talk with her Mother. Quietly, she sat still waiting for an answer.

As John arrived he looked for the large pink hydrangeas that his Mother loved. He hurriedly walked to reach his Mother. Upon arrival he sat down on the bench with the flowers.

"Hey Mother" John said. "It has been too long since I have seen you." "Mother, I have met this incredible young lady and I want to marry her!" He heard, "Son, do what your heart tells you to do." In a moment, he knew it was alright to ask for Irene's hand in marriage. That is exactly what he planned to do at dinner that night.

After visiting their loved ones, Irene and John started walking out the gate. A look of surprise came over one another. "John, what are you doing here?" ask Irene. John, shocked ask her the same question. "My mother is at rest here!" said Irene and "I just needed to spend some time with her." said Irene. John said "My mother is here as well. Oh my! Little did they know that both of their Mothers were buried at the same cemetery. Irene and John embraced. "So this was the business you had to take care of?" said Irene. "I am sorry darling, but yes it is." answered John.

My Mother meant everything to me and I just had to ask her if she approved of what I was going to do. "What are you going to do?"ask Irene. "Well, you see, I ... I ugh,"said John, "I know that we have just met and this may not be proper, but," John got down on his knee and in a sweet voice ask, "Irene, will you marry me?" "Of course I will marry you, dear!" This incredible story turned into a happy and loving marriage going on 65 years now.


Jeff B said...

Love, the great equalizer.

Now I know this is a love story, but you know me and humor, so I couldn't help but think of people asking Irene where John proposed to her. The odd looks she would get when she replied, "At the cemetery."

But who's to argue right? 65 years of marriage is doing something right.

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Don't sweat it if you are having trouble with it, Just pointing it out.

Maggie May said...

For a horrible moment, I thought they both had the same mother (unknown to each other) That would have messed up their plans, wouldn't it! Glad they didn't and things worked out well for them and that they weren't related!

BJ Roan said...

Like Maggie May, I had a moment of panic thinking they were actually brother and sister, but then it turned out to be a story of love at first sight. Nice!

bettygram said...

This was a nice story but for a moment I was sfraid it would have an unhappy ending. I know of a couple that met in the cemetery attending the grave sides of their spouses.

bettygram said...
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bettygram said...
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Akelamalu said...

65 year married? Now that's a true love story! :)

Finding Pam said...

Thank you, Jeff for the thougts of humor! I guess I should elaborate more at the ending.

Finding Pam said...

Maggie May

That would have been terrible if they were related. I never thought about that. I am in it for the love!

Thank yor for stopping by and commenting.

Finding Pam said...


I guess I shocked you when you thought they might be related. Wish I had really planned that!I am a sucker for romance. True Love.

Finding Pam said...

Mrs. Betty

You must have liked my story because you posted your comment three times. Thank you for reading my story.

I hope that you and Dr. John are having a lovely day.

Finding Pam said...


My husband's parents were married almost 65 years. That is something to behold. Thanks for the comments.

Dr.John said...

When I gave Jeff the pictures this is the story I sort of in visioned . Its not the one I wrote.
So thank you for writing the story my pictures wanted to tell.
I love, love stories.
Well done.

Finding Pam said...

Dr.John,awh...Thank you so very much. I wondered what you would think of my story given those were your photos for inspiration for all of our stories.


Russell said...

Enjoyed reading your story .... most interesting!

I am just seeing your blog for the first time or so. I am not sure how this writing challenge works - I am guessing each person writes their own story, is that right?

Oh, I liked your black cat on your sidebar so much I put him on mine! (Well, okay, it is most likely a brother or sister or cousin but....!! heh!) THANK YOU!

Take care.

quilly said...

What a fun romance story! I am glad John and Irene lived happily ever.

I am new to the party and late to boot, but I have posted my Portrait of Words.

Anonymous said...