Thursday, January 1, 2009

Views of winter in Texas

That shadow makes me and Suzie look really tall.

View from my kitchen of front

Poor birds with that dirty water.

Lately,the road less traveled to my flowerbeds

berry tree

leaves in the bird bath

of course today is 70 degrees, then tomorrow it will be 27


Akelamalu said...

Those are great shots!

Muse said...

nice photos! love the view from your kitchen, do you guys mow your property or have someone else do it? My brother used to live on 10 acres and while the yard area was regular grass the rest of it was that wild grass that had to be mowed down by one of those tractor mowers. I love those tall skinny tree's, i bet it looks pretty when it snows..not sure if you get any out that way

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful photos. I am impressed by Texas winter! May I have some?

Finding Pam said...

Thanks Akelamula, I have been inspried by some blogs that do photos. I need a new camera though.

Muse, you inspired me to start some photography. Yes, we do mow our yard. Right now we have 2 acres and we are moving to 8 acres. It is cleared and we will have to re seed in bermuda grass.
We don't usually get any snow and when we do, it is just a mess.

SSN, How much Texas winter would you like. I saw that the north is getting hammered with snow. So I won't complain that our weather is so fickle.

lmerie said...

Like those shots! We had the 29 degree morning here, rather not look at tommorrows forcast - probably back at 70!

Happy New Year!!

Finding Pam said...

Imerie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You know what I am talking about with this crazy weather!

Chickie said...

Man, I miss east Texas...pretty.

Finding Pam said...

Chickie, you must stop and see me when you go to see your sister in Oklahoma.

Finding Pam said...

Chickie, do you want me to mail you some pine straw and red dirt?