Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day One...

I return from Waskom with my best friend on Tuesday. When I arrive home, there is a message from the doctor's office for us to call them. They have moved his time up to noon and Hubs is a little perturbed because of the delay. We have to call them Wed. morning and see what the new changes are. I get up and call five times before I find anyone that knows anything about his procedure. They need to reschedule his endoscopy for Thursday. I tell them we are moving and that is impossible! So they schedule it for a week later. Now the day is looking some what better.

At least that is what I thought until everyone decided to show up all at once. I have never seen an eighteen wheeler back up my long driveway with such precision and not running off into the sunken yard. I watched in awe of this driver as he carefully backed up missing the trees, over head branches and the Crepe Myrtles that line the drive. The packers were here two hours earlier, and they ask me to pick them up some lunch, which I did. My cleaning lady comes and we are going to the new place to clean it. The realtor comes by for us to sign more papers. The electrician comes to install two GFI's in the bathroom. The carpenter calls to schedule installing new attic steps, the ones hubs fell through. I am loosing it at this very moment. I have to be at an appointment at two o'clock, which I finally have to cancel because there is no way I can leave the house and my hubs has not returned from his trip taking the rhino, tools, the new brush hog and the generator. How can we have so much stuff? I give my cleaning lady directions and the keys to the new house and they go without me. Finally, after all the chaos, I go and sit in my swing outside and play with my dog. I feel like I have been in a tornado. Tossed and turned in every direction.

That was my wonderful morning. My eyes leak tears. I have to hold it together. The four men packing us are so cool and funny. Maybe it is a southern thing, but you talk with these men and they understand that I am sad and tell me it will be alright. I guess they have seen it all. We talk about the inauguration and how excited we all were as Obama became President to how shy the President and Mrs. Obama look when they are dancing, or maybe it's they are tired. We talk about the President's MIL moving in with them. We find common threads that bonds us. We talk alot. These men are heaven sent. I am thankful.

The packers make such good time that they have started loading the truck. Oh my, the house looks so empty, there are echoes, and it is cold in here. What is happening? My home is turning into somebody else home. The cats and the dog know something is up and they are acting odd. How do they sense these things? So as I close this post tonight, I have survived my first day of moving. Nothing bothers Hubs, he has a plan. I finish gathering some of our favorite plants that we transplanted from his mother's yard years ago. It is important to keep a little part of his mother and father with us always.

I have run the gammet of emotions today. One of dearest friends comes by to pick up all of my floral supplies. I talk with her teen age daughter tonight and she tells me her mother tells her that she just realizes that we are actually moving. I have been in such a state of denial. My other friend calls to see how I am doing. She is leaving to help her father for a week and feels bad that she can't help me unpack my kitchen. I tell her that I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy! We laugh and she says it's not too late to not move! LOL! We laugh till we cry. My other dear friend came by to help and by the time she leaves, she is in tears. I am struggling. Hubs, no problem. He has a life in the new town and I now know two people there.

Today the movers will finish packing and loading, and Hubs and I will head to our new life. See you in a few days. Thank you all for the support and laughs. I know that it will all be fine. Just not sure that I believe it yet. I will get back to you later. Blessings.


Akelamalu said...

Oh bon voyage and may I wish you much happiness in your new home! :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow, you've got a lot on your plate girl! Its good to write about it all.

I hope the new home is wonderful and that you feel at home and settled quickly.

*~sis~* said...

what a moving of luck with the new home, the new things and wrapping up the memories of the old one!!

*found my way here thru the wordzzle, i didn't even scroll down to find yours yet. i wanted to wish you the best NOW*

Dr.John said...

Having gone through it all I assure you that you will survive and prosper.

Chickie said...

Oh, hon. You will get all settled in time. How nice it was that you had this house for so long!

Jeff B said...

My father worked for the State of California, and about every five years would promote, meaning off we'd go to another town. I know what is means to pack up and leave behind everything that is familiar.

It may be difficult at first, but you will find friends, and new "favorite" things to enjoy.

Sending prayers your way for a successful move and a joyous new beginning.

Anonymous said...