Friday, January 16, 2009

How time flies when you're having fun!

To my darling husband. Thank you for always being here for me and loving me. I am so happy that we have made it so many years. Though some were hard and some years we had challenges, we always had one another to depend on for support and friendship. We may not always see eye to eye because you are a foot taller than me, but we have a love like no other. Seems like just yesterday that we met in Spanish class in college. What a life, and what an adventure we have had together, dear. Thank you for loving me. Love forever.

Waskom, Texas

Waskom, Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The population was 2068 at the 2000 census with a United States Census ... Today Waskom sits on I-20 that connects the Carolinas to southwest Texas and ...en

I went to visit my husband in the town where we are moving . Remember that I have seen this home for ten minutes. So we met with the realtor, signed some more papers and went to see the house again. We will have to find someone to thoroughly clean the house and shampoo the carpets.

For our anniversary, we are getting a barn! Ha! Ha! Just what I always wanted! It will be delivered tomorrow I hope.

It is not this big...

It is a 12x20 small barn...
and it is new...

For lunch, we went to the local catfish place to eat. Of course, we run into some friends and they join us for lunch. There are not many places to eat out. All of east Texas is pretty much oil field related so you see folks from all different places. That was great to see them. Before leaving, my husband kisses me, I say happy anniversary tomorrow, he laughs! He will be home tomorrow after the barn is delivered.

Next thing he wants is a tractor ...

Hey honey, I need some curtains for the new place... No!
Can you guess you can see where I am going
with this?
Hey honey, I need new bedroom furniture? No!
Hey honey, I need a deck? Yes!
I am just not asking the right questions!

Here's to thirty-seven years of marriage. Of course I will get what I want...


Sherry said...

Hey Pam,
You have a lot going on with the move to Waskom (I looked it up on the map).
Happy Anniversary. Hope you're feeling better.
I enjoyed the photos of Suzie. She's a happy dog!

Finding Pam said...

Hey Thanks Sherry. Are you on Facebook? If you are friend request me and we can talk

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend.

Chickie said...

Is that last picture you two? Very pretty. I like seeing peoples photos!

Are you a candle person? There's a candle store called "wix and wax" on Hwy 80 in Gladewater that has the best candles! I brought home a whole carry on bag full of Kudzu Vine candles after my last vacation!

Finding Pam said...

Chickie, you are so funny. I can't believe that you took kudzu with you. That stuff is so invasive and will cover everything. I am familiar with the wix and wax, nice candles.

LOL, yes the photo is Doc and me when we were but young,dumb and in love. Now we are old and fat. Really sucks. Chickie, promise me that you won't get old. It's not for faint of heart.

Brian T said...

We need pictures of the house. Oh and directions so we can steal more stuff.

Your Son!

Finding Pam said...

Brian, when will this happen? This steeling of more my stuff? Dad is leaving a lot of junk in the storage shed...hahaha the real junk that no one wants.

Do you want pics of our old home or the new one? I will email you the addy and you can google it.

I like your new blog look and the GBT gear testing.

We are moving Wed. & should be living in the new place Thurs.

Finding Pam said...
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Anonymous said...