Monday, January 12, 2009

That Thank I I If

Monday Mimisms ~ What A Wacky Meme
from Mimi Writes....... by Mimi Lenox
Welcome to Monday morning! It is my firm belief that Great Blogs Think Alike. Here's a meme that is fun, requires little thought and doles out link love all at the same time. Perfect for a chilly Monday morning when all you wanna do is crawl back under the covers (like me) and you need one more cup of coffee to get all your brain cells firing. If you'd like to play along, feel free! I'll have French Vanilla in my coffee please......

*Start Copy* Rules:
1. Click on the blogs in your sidebar, follow list or blogroll 2. Find Sunday's post. (January 11) 3. Copy the FIRST SENTENCE, whatever it is. Exception: If it is a MEME, copy the ANSWER to the first question. If it is a picture or video with no caption, skip it.4. Place the sentences chronologically in a story on your blog. Link the first WORD of the sentence back to the blog and list the blogs you used at the bottom of the meme.5. Title your story using the first word of the first FIVE sentences.6. Tag the bloggers you borrowed from! Copy these rules and link back to me.

That Damn Cat has discovered catnip

Thank you, sweet tiny baby Jesus who doesn’t possess
the motor necessary to grasp a pencil.

I never heard of Tim Tebow until today, but apparently he's a college football player best known for having "John 3:16" painted under his eyes during games and having a gf with gigantic fake boobs.

I have a lot on my plate this year as I become more interested in getting back into the proactive lifestyle.

If you haven't visited BJ Roan who writes on a blog she calls Serendipity, then I strongly encourage you to do so.

I have a serious thought for this blog, but first let's catch up.

Awhile back ago I touted about "Goose Island", but that soda is no longer at Target stores and I'm not able to find it.

I didn’t think I would have a photo as it has been mostly gray skies and we had another snow storm.

Steller’s eggs?

Sunday Snow Hi 28°F SO!

How well Do You Know John and Betty Contest".


Dr.John said...

It might be simple for you but I got totally confused.
There is too much black at the end and it is hard to find where to leave a comment.

barefoot gardener said...


I thought, when I saw your title for this post, that maybe you had been hitting the vino a bit hard...

This is kinda cool, and not just because I'm on it.

Finding Pam said...

Yes, Dr. John I don't know why you have all that black to scroll through to get to that comment box, but I am so very glad that you did!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Finding Pam said...

Barefoot,that was funny! I thought you might have wondered if I was hitting the vino because of the long black scroll to the comment section.

I do not know what I have done to cause that long scroll, but if you know will you please tell me?

I need help! Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting.

Anonymous said... did a great job with it. It is kind of confusing, but my problem is caused by my ms and sometimes my symptoms are worse than other times. Mimi should have used the directions as an intelligence test because they are confusing...thanks for thinking of me...Michelle..

Akelamalu said...

Interesting post Pam, I'm not sure I could figure out how to do it though! :(

Chickie said...

Holy cow. That was fun to read but there is no way I'll do it.

I'm sorry. Sometimes, memes die with me.

Anonymous said...