Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot Dog

Do I have to tell you WHY he is wearing this funny looking collar?
He is not a HAPPY dog! Would you be? If you had been through what he had .
Surgery... ahem, uh... a vasectomy.

Even the cats gave him a hard time...
He is a little
He is so pitiful, but he is a little trooper.

You have to love this little dog...


lmerie said...

LOL - ah poor fella! Hopefully he won't have to wear it long!! He is too cute!

Sandi McBride said...

This seems to be the week for Vet's visits, lol...yes, he is a little trooper isn't he? Cats are known for poking fun at the dogs in those collars...when they wear them they call them Elizabethan Collars and so think they're descended from Royalty...sigh...poor pups can't win!

Dr.John said...

Just tell him the vasectomy is for his own good. Our last dog died because it didn't have one. It chased a female in heat and in the process broke a blood vessel and got an infection.

Akelamalu said...

MWM didn't get one of those collars when he had his vasectomy! ;)

Finding Pam said...

Imerie, he will get it off tomorrow. It is driving him crazy!

Sandi,especially my cats are mean to him, but not to worry he will get them back. At least it is doing what it's suppose to do. Stop scratching and who knows what else.

Ohhh, Dr. John that is so sad. I will tell Hot Dog it was for his own good.

Akelamula, Really? LOL you're too funny. How was Spain?

Muse said...

my god that brings back memories

Mia had to wear hers for 10 days because she kept pulling stitches after her spay. What's funny is on the link above which pulls up all of sep 2006 i had forgotten about the time she accidentally got set on fire when she had her cone

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Poor little guy :(
He must be wondering what in the world happened to him.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh my - poor thing. My dog would not speak to me for days after he had his surgery!

What kind of dog is he? I had one that looked a lot like him that was 1/2 pug, 1/2 dachshund. Your guy looks like he has some pitbull in him.

Jeff B said...

Poor little cone head.

So glad I didn't have to wear one of those when I had the human equivalent of that procedure. Then again I wasn't likely to want to lick myself either.

wendy said...

Ouch! Brave boy!

Congratulations on your dragon award, and your other two previous awards, too.

What do they call that when you sweep the Academy? Is that what it is called? A sweep? When you get the award for best picture, best actor, best actress ... etc.

Good job!

wendy said...

And re: the cats making fun of the dogs ... it's a long established practice. After all ... you don't see many dead CATS on the road, but you see lots of dead DOGS ... this is because there was a cat on the side of the road, telling the dog: Go ahead! You can make it! They'll stop!

Cats are mean to dogs. Garfield is another case in point.

Finding Pam said...

Muse, my cats did not where a collar, of course times have changed? LOL Poor Mia, she caught on fire? Was she smoking?

Dawn, I think he is all for the better now. The collar slows his running down a bit. And now he has a wonderful swagger about himself.

Barbara, he is one of the dogs that Hubs rescued. He weighs about thirty pounds. Some say he is pitt bull, bull terrier. He is a very sweet little dog no matter what mix he may be.

Jeff, this was pretty ugly. At least you had ice. I bet your wife was thankful you did not have to wear a collar! LOL

Wendy, that's funny about the cat telling the dog to cross the road.
A three time winner? The only thing I sweep around here is the kitchen floor!
Have a great day.

Muse said...

My vet said he's never seen anything like her. As soon as she came out of anesthesia she tried to pull her stitches out with her teeth. I told him she wouldn't need to wear it. I was wrong.

I brought her home and she played for HOURS nonstop running, like nothing ever happened. I tried to take it off a few times but she tried pulling those stitches out. Long 10 days...long

The funny part was in the morning i'd wake up to something slicing my neck. I'd open my eyes and see nothing but mia, her cone enveloping my entire face as she nuzzled my

Anonymous said...

Oh...poor baby..I had my kitty guys fixed and they didn't put anything to keep them from uhh..licking the area....I hope he can get that thing off soon..

Anonymous said...