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The Queen's Meme...

Monday, August 17, 2009

#6 ~ The Bachelor's Dating Meme
We're up early this week. Welcome back to The Queen's Tuesday Meme. Each week the type of meme will change; sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but always fun!This meme is all about using your imagination. Free your inner blogginess. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers). Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember:Don't end up in the dungeon
#6 The Bachelor's Dating MemeIn honor of my 500th "Bachelor of The Day" to post this week on my site called Dating Profile Of The Day we bring you The Dating Meme. For three years I've been rummaging through online dating profiles to find the zaniest and most ridiculous profile headlines out there. They write 'em. I spoof 'em. Do you know that some folks are grammatically insane?? And some are just insane.Ergo, today's meme was born. Are you up for the challenge? Take a look at these seven dating profile headlines from real dating sites. Imagine you are trying to find a date and these gems have just landed in your inbox. How would you respond to them? Write a comeback response to each one. Be sarcastic, be funny, be brave! Spelling errors not my own. Names and locations have been changed to protect the terminally single. If you need inspiration, go HERE for hundreds of funny examples.

1. Birdbrain looking for a mate? Well, I don't want just any bird brain for a mate. How small does your brain have to be to be considered a bird brain? That small?OK...See ya....

2. Where Are All The Bad Girls? Forget it...go to the bunny ranch. They will take you if you have money.

4. Does God Know You've Escaped From Heaven? OMG! Please... oh Lord...tell me he did not just say that! You have to have a better pick up line than that!

6. Does this profile make me look fat? Well, no... not fat, but maybe a little scarey.

7. I'm a no nonsince person with little tolorrance for stupitity.... Dear Nonon... Is this the guy with the tiny little bird brain? Bye...bye birdie and by the way...get spellcheck.

Good luck! And thank you for playing The Queen's Tuesday Meme.
How To Stay Out Of The Dungeon
Once upon a time in a faraway Bloggiverse there lived a maiden named Queen Mimi Pencil Skirt. She slayed her own dragons, stoked her own fire and well.....wrote memes by the light of the Bloggingham moon. One day a kind blogger from England noticed her meme lovin' ways and royally crowned her Mimi Queen of Memes. As time passed in the peaceful kingdom of Bloggingham, her Royal Highness found comfort in the company of fellow bloggers who also loved memes. But the Queen had a wicked disposition too. It is widely reported in historical Blogosphere archives that any and all bloggers found guilty of not completing their memes were promptly thrown into the dreaded Bloggingham dungeon.If I were you, I'd do the meme


Sandee said...

Number 6 is more than a little scary. Yikes.

Have a terrific day Pam. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

ACK...another mean remark about "Her Jiggling Butt"'s spell checker. Hmmmph. I loved the answers. Excellent :) But get ready woman...you gonna be in that dungeon sooner or later :)

Akelamalu said...

LOL great answers Pam and SO COLOURFUL!!! :0

Nessa said...

Very funny answers. People that use pickup lines deserve snotty answers.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

I cracked up at #3!
Great comebacks Pam :D

Anonymous said...