Monday, September 28, 2009

Life In The Dungeon

This is my little friend, Hector, and he has just seen the most frightening thing. What would scare such a nice little mouse? Can you guess? Please leave your answers in the comment section. RUN, My Little FRIEND! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! NOW!

For those of you that have never met the Queen of Memes here is her blog site. This is a weekly writing experiment and sometimes if you don't participate or get in trouble you could end up the Dungeon. For more information or to plead on my behalf you can go to Mimi's blog.

The continuing saga of the Dungeon. The last I heard the Queen went out on a date and I have not heard even a peep from her. As I said previously, Homer, the palace dog, ordered pizza in for us. Thanks Homer. That was much appreciated.

The mice and I are working on a Dungeon Prisoner's Bill of Rights for our Queen. We eagerly await her response. Even on the Biggest Loser they won a phone call home, had a food tutorial with Curtis Stone and had personal trainers. What gives here in the Dungeon?

Here is our list of needs. The same thing, but in minature sizes for the mice.

1. We need exercise and healthy food.
2. Showers with warm water not cold water and towels.
3. Access to the Internet.
4. A decent bed with sheets, mattress pad, feather pillows and a down comforter. I miss my
Dial a Number bed.
5. Walks in the Queen's garden to renew my spirits.
6. Spirits of the drinking kind. You know Libations!
7. Decent food. Pizza is not on my diet forever.
8. Masseuse
9. Chiropratic
10. Muzak

I hope that in some small way, we make the Dungeon a better place for all prisoners now and in the future.