Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mary's Lamb

A friend emailed this to me and I thought it was too good not to pass on.

Think carefully about what you will

Be reading...

Mary, had a Little Lamb,
His fleece was

White as snow.
And everywhere

That Mary went,
The Lamb was sure

To go.
He followed her

To school each day,
T'wasn't even in

The rule.
It made the

Children laugh and play,
To have

The Lamb

At school...
And then theRules all changed one day,
Illegal itBecame;
To bring The Lamb

Of God to school,
Or even speak HisName!
Every day got

Worse and worse,
And days turned

Into years.
Instead of

Hearing children laugh,
We heard gun

Shots and tears.
What must we do

To stop the crime,
That's in our

Schools today?
Let's let TheLamb

come back to school,
And teach our kids to pray!

If you agree,

Then you know what to do.
God Bless you


Gail said...

HI -

Amazing and powerful video and post. I will speak my voice on November 5th.

And the lamb is always thee even if He is told he cannot attend - He is there -

Love and hope for us all

Mike Golch said...

Finding Pam,gerat posting.

Anonymous said...

Excellent my friend. I'm glad you shared this with us :)

DeEtta said...

Very powerful and thought provoking. I always taught my children that they could pray in their hearts. They found lots of comfort in doing this. You can take the "Son" out of the classroom but you can't take Him out of your heart.

Anonymous said...

How can a children's nursery rhyme speak such volumes? And yet it does.

wendy said...

God lives.

Nessa said...


Mark said...

We should never not allow our children to pray or express their worship in any way. Like many things, what got lost in translation was not to ban prayer, however to simply not mandate prayer in our schools. Like a wise person once said, as long as there are tests in school, there will always be prayer.

Dr.John said...

I'm afraid all we can do is feel bad. There are not enough of us to make politicians listen.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh yes! I received this last year, too. Never can I read it to often...
thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...