Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Post # 18~ My Church

One of the hardest things about moving this year was leaving my church. My church is like another family for me. I love all the folks there and I know that if I need anything they would be the first ones to help me. The same goes for me if they needed help.

My Sunday School class is called the Seekers. We are a mixed assortment of married couples, widows, singles, and women whose husbands don't come to church. I fall into the later group. It has taken me years to find a class that I felt comfortable in. I did not fit into the couples group, or the younger group, so when I found this group I knew it was for me. I love each and everyone of the people in my class. We hang out together and most of us sit together in church.

The class is so open and we all have different problems. That is what makes us unique because we all have had problems, but we are dedicated to helping others. I can be honest and speak my heart without fear of acceptance or judgement. It is rare to find friends that are so different and yet so similar.

I miss volunteering with the choir kids,VBS and helping out. I miss that connection and I am looking for it in our new community. This is one of the reasons that I am so sad, but I know in time I will find my place. I will build those friendships with new folks. I am blessed to be in a loving church with open hearts, open minds, open doors. I am a Methodist in case you did not know by the next to the last sentence.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post my friend. :) I'm glad that you found a group that you fit into. Sounds wonderful :)

Nessa said...

It takes time in a new place but you'll get there.

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DeEtta said...

I love all these posts. They are helping me to know you better and what a beautiful person you are.

I'm glad you found a church group that you enjoy and have lots in common with. That is the battle half won when moving to a new area.

Sandee said...

I'm sure all of the things you are seeking will come together. I can just tell.

Have a terrific day Pam. Big hug. :)

Dr.John said...

I was a Methodist once but labels don't make a good or bad church.

Sandi McBride said...

Pam sweetie, I hope that you find your place in Church very soon! Even though I am a Catholic by birth and tradition, I feel that the denomination doesn't make the fit, the fit comes from the people within it. I'm loving your Thankful Posts,too!

Jeff B said...

A good church is a wonderful thing to find isn't it?

Xmichra said...

I can't even begin to think on how great it would be to "belong". lol...

I will have to pick your brain one day about being a Methodist. I haven't had a lot of knowledge passed to me in that form (I am a religion theory nut) and have a limited scope of how it 'works'. Being such a free path religion with non-manditory books and such, it really makes me wonder how it all works.

Finding Pam said...

Xmichra, I seem to have made a good fit with being Methodist.When my sister and I were little, we would walk to the closest church to us. Our mother was not going to take us. We kept going until we made a connection. That church was First Christian and I was baptized then. I have not always gone to church because I thought they were hypocrites. Little did I know, until I found a church.

what I should really say it that I look for a church that is open minded, teaches the word from the Bible, believes in Salvation, the Sacrements of the Lord and is community minded. Our church does so much for anyone in need.

I like to be around self-less people that get outside of the church and help those in need.

I appreciate your commenting.

Anonymous said...