Monday, November 9, 2009

The Queens' Tuesday Meme #13~Peaceful Places

1. How do you find your own personal peace/nirvana?

When I need to renew myself I like to be alone or outdoors with Nature. Sometimes I listen to calms my soul.

2. Where do you go to find respite and solace? I like to walk outdoors with my dogs on our land. I also love the mountains.

Is there a particular place, city, country, room in your house? Sometimes I like to sit outside on my deck and watch the birds or read.

3. Who is the most peace-loving person you know?

The most peace loving person I know would be Mimi Lenox.

What makes them so?

Mimi is working for World Peace through her efforts in Blogblast for Peace.

4. What do you do when your inner peace is threatened?

If my inner peace was threatened I would retreat to a peaceful place. It takes a lot to unravel my inner peace because I know who loves me...God.

Do you have a strategy, a routine, religious faith, a calm yourself down?

If I were really upset, then would stop all that I was doing and PRAY immediately. I would do some deep breathing exercises. My former trainer use to tell me to think BLUE in order to reclaim my peace. I also like to walk to reduce stress.

5. What is your favorite comfort food? I have a few and they are not very healthy. My first choice would be chocolate, banana bread, & chicken spaghetti. Mind you not all together!

6. Do you have a pet that brings you happiness and peace? If not, what type of animals bring you peaceful thoughts?

My own pets bring great joy to me. Each one is different and special to me.

If I need some TLC and I am not feeling well, then I get my cat because she is such a comfort to me. She likes to snuggle.

I have been known to cry with my yellow lab. She has a soothing way about her that comforts me. I have danced with our smaler dog, and I have had a few conversations with my Dobberman.

My Hubs cat is always by my side at the computer. I have two cats and three dogs, so I am never really lonely. They never question me or talk back...OK, well Hubs' cat does talk a lot...he is very vocal.

I love bird watching, lizards and those cute little green tree frogs. Opps! That is another story.

I love all kinds of wild life. Add whales to that list.

7. What is your favorite peace song? Imagine

8. Did you post a peace globe on November 5th and participate in BlogBlast For Peace?

YES! With help from Mojo...

Peace and love,

If so, please repost your peace globe here with a link to your peace post so that the Queen's players can enjoy it. If not, join in! It's not too late. Here's how....
November 5, 2009
The Peace Globe Gallery


Nessa said...

Watching birds flit around is very peaceful.

Blast from the Past

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of animals that come into our yard. Birds, deer, you name it. I find watching deer graze is very peaceful.

Xmichra said...

I went to Jasper one week (a few years ago) and there were deer and birds etc... it made me antsy actually. I find peace at the park, or in a coffee house. i think i need help. lol...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good thoughtful answers, Pam.

Finding Pam said...

Nessa, I have always loved birds even as a little kid. This morning a pair of songbirds were chasing off another bird, but their music is joyous to hear.

Finding Pam said...

Mejis, I agree with you about the deer. I want our land to be a sanctuary for all animals, well almost...except for skunks!

Finding Pam said...

Xmichra, I would have been scared just going to Jasper. I use to be a city girl, but after raising our sons in the country, I really like it.

I do like coffee houses a lot.

Finding Pam said...

Jean-Luc Picard thank you for coming by and commenting. If you participated, I will be by later to read yours.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Your answers are wonderful. I totally agree with #3!
Oh, and I love banana bread too :)

Mimi Lenox said...

You definitely know the substance of peace. Very wise answers...(I think you are an extremely peace-loving person as well!)

Anonymous said...

Great answers....try banana bread with peanut butter....yummmm

Anonymous said...