Monday, February 1, 2010

The Queen's Meme #23~ The Blog Blizzard Meme

Monday, February 1, 2010
The Queen's Meme #23 ~ The Blog Blizzard Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Tuesday Meme #23

Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious.
Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative.
Use your imagination.No one's answers are quite like yours.

The Queen's Meme #23 ~ The Blog Blizzard Meme

Baby, it's cold outside! I have snow on the brain and ice on the windshield. Ten and twenty degree temperatures doth not a happy Queen make. But I have plans to keep warm, that is, unless the power fails in which case I'm doomed. I really am in the midst of a snowstorm this week but many of you are not. You must get creative and use your imagination. It's a blog blizzard! I'm here to test your survival skills or at least make you laugh. Here's how it plays. Good luck

1. An unexpected blizzard occurs. The power goes out for 10 days. There is no food in the house, no gas in the car, no heat, no TV, no computer, nada! You are snowed in and can't get to the store for supplies. How would you survive? How would you get out of this mess?
Haven't you ever heard of the expression "always be prepared"? Ten days, no problem...been there done that and got a T-shirt! Though it is not fun after the first week. Don't your neighbors all have four wheel drive? And generators?

2. Tell us about your last snowball fight.

I always get clobbered in a snowball fight. It was with my kids and it was loads of fun. I lost...

3. You have been asked to make a snowman. What is his name?

His name is Earl. Why do you ask?

4. I have mountains of snow outside my door. I would like to make snow soup. What is the recipe?

I am not so sure about the recipe for snow soup, but I imagine it takes a ton of snow. I do have the recipe for snow ice cream. Let me know if you want that one.

5. It is Day 5 of the Big Blog Blizzard. You have been hunkered down for a very long time and in danger of losing your sanity. Your blog neighbors (that would be us) come callin' to see if you're OK. We peek in the window. What do we see?
What are you doing in there?

You might laugh when you peek through the window because I am dancing by myself, singing and laughing. I am also playing with my dogs and just a hair short of loosing my mind from cabin fever. I think my name is Pam...

6. Who is the flakiest snowflake in your life?
Past or present?

Do you have to ask? Why me of course! Past and present.

7. You are Snow White. Which dwarf is your favorite and why?

My favorite dwarf is Doc because that is my Hubs' nickname, but I also like Happy!

8. What is the most fun you've ever had inside during a snowstorm?
Mmmmm....I'm not was really good, very good. NO wait, it was fantastic! But I am not telling. It was a private moment.

9. What was Jack Frost nipping at?

I bet you thought I would say my nose, but Jack actually prefers my neck.

10. Due to blobal warming (that's blog + global for all you non-blog speakers) your snowman has prematurely melted. What was his last request?

"Please don't forget me... I will see you again next year. Oooohhhh, I am melting away slowly as we speak. I call out, "Earl, I will miss you my friend".


Jamie said...

Jack nips on your neck too? The rat!

Sandee said...

Poor Earl. Now bring on spring.

Have a terrific day Pam. Big hug. :)

DeEtta said...

I love snow ice cream! Hope spring comes soon, it's way too cold.

Make it a good day!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

And so we say goodbye to Earl for another year.

Mimi Lenox said...

My mother used to make snowcream all the time. We didn't care about what was in it either!

Who is Earl?

Nessa said...

Loved your answer to 8. Good for you!

Poor Tuesday

Finding Pam said...

Mimi, Earl is my snowman that melted and left me.

mielikki said...

boy that Jack gets around.
Hope Earl comes here to visit.

jennifer said...

It would be nice to get enough snow to make snow cream. Yum!

Spring will be here before you know it and you will be hugging Earl goodbye!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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She Writes said...

Pam, this really made me laugh. Like the new song on here ;).

Finding Pam said...

Amy, I told you I liked your music.
Thank you for coming by and commenting. said...

<3 snow ice cream

sarah said...

aaahhh. love that snowman melting...

Sandi McBride said...

That dirty rotten snowcream for us yet...but its early days for us...our snowfalls come at the end of February lol
Quick, get the snow man in the freezer!

onceuponasunflower said...

Ha! Great post

Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up many fresh emo backgrounds 4 my blog

Anonymous said...