Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jefferson, Texas

Down town Jefferson
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People dress in period style and attend balls.
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Jefferson, Texas

The Jefferson Museum
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Yesterday, I spent the day with one of my dearest friends and her family. I am grafted into this group of awesome women by sheer luck and friendship. My friend and I go back about 25 years or so. I met her when I was trying to get into the floral business. Later, she would work for me at my flower shop. I don't know what I would have done with out her all the years. She lives in my former town and we went to the same church before I moved. She does all the cooking for our church.
She is originally from Jefferson, TX. and I live about 45 minutes from there. We met at one of the bistro's downtown for lunch. I know her family and they are all lovely folks. Her mother, sister, aunt, daughter, daughter's boyfriend and her son all met there. It was hours of laughter and lots of memories revisited. They are as close to me as my own family was before they all died.
Jefferson is a small town of less than 3,000 folks, but it swells to 20,000 during Mardi Gras and at Christmas. There is always something going on in this pretty little town. It was a river town and was a passage way for many ships.

Sissy went back to Louisiana. She had an offer to go to the beach in Florida that she could not turn down and then to New Orleans. I am dog and cat sitting her animals until she returns. Carmen is the Doberman that I gave her and Prissy is her Himalayan cat that is older than dirt.

Keep in mind that Carmen does not know she is really a dog. Ha! Ha! Seriously, no one told her. I didn't have the heart to leave her in the travel cottage with the cat, so Carmen is here in our house. She is sleeping in the extra bedroom in the bed. Seriously... she is. Remember, she does not know that she is a dog. She is a princess.
I am off to get my house in order. Lots of different projects to finish up, not to mention the house work. Argh...Y'all have a great day.


jennifer said...

I enjoyed the tour of Jefferson! Friends are a treasure Pam - it appears that you know that. What a blessing!

Carmen sounds charming :)

Finding Pam said...

Jennifer, Friends are a true gift and I love them dearly. I will post a picture of Carmen later this week.

Have a great week.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Pam,

What a pretty little town. Friends are earthly treasures, to be enjoyed and cherished.

Ah, the puppy - but is there any other way? Could be worse, she could demand room service. (o:

Blessings & Hugs,

Sandee said...

Nothing better than good friends. Nothing! Glad you had a great time and I love little towns. I live in one and I hate going into the big city to do shopping or business.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Akelamalu said...

Jefferson looks just lovely, I'd love to visit and see it for myself.

Finding Pam said...

Joyce, it's the cat that demands room service! Carmen is a good dog, but very needy. She misses her mom.

Sandee, the allure of a small town is so enduring. Where everybody knows your name. Since our move to the country, I don't know anyone.

Akelamula, Just let me know when you are ready to cross the ocean and I will arrange that! You would really like it.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tour my friend. I really enjoyed reading about it and really liked the photos. Carmen doesn't know she is a dog? LOL too funny :)

Nessa said...

I love all of the red brick in that town and it looks so clean.

Take care of the princess so you do not get crowned. :)

DeEtta said...

How fun to be able to enjoy a special time with a treasured friend. Jefferson, TX looks like a place I must keep in mind to visit. Loved the beautiful buildings, they are to magnificent.

How did you make your labels? I like.

Gail said...


Jefferson is lovely. ANd I so enjoyed sharing in your wonderful time with friends. Old friends are priceless. I love that Carmen is a Princess :-) and that you honor that completely.

Love to you and yours
pece, hope and healing

Finding Pam said...

Thom, If you were a dog and if you lived with my sweet sister then you would not know you were a dog!
They are best friends. Carmen is like a big friend to her. She rides shotgun and they share their donuts. What more can I say? LOL!

Nessa, Carmen is a very special dog. I adopted her. She had been abused and has come so far. I gave her to my sissy because she lives in a sordid neighborhood and wanted her. I have to tuck her in and give her a little kiss on her forehead. She is not like our other two dogs. She is really special.

Thanks for taking the tour of Jefferson.

DeEtta,I have missed my friends so very much. I decided that we need to get together as often as possible. But then I do have you for my friend. I am so thankful!

THe Labels is a cloud from the blogger. I don't know if I remember enough to explain it, but it is the place you go to get applications for your blog. I had to pay close attention to get it. I hope this helps you.

Gail,I am glad that you liked the tour. They say if you have 5-8 friends in your lifetime that you are very blessed. Good friends are hard to find and a joy to love.

I just adore Carmen. I guess because she was abused and I can see how far she has come. SHe is not even like the dog she was when we found her. God is so good to animals and I am thanful that I had her and that my sissy has her now.

Peace and Love to you.

Travis Cody said...

It looks like a quaint small town. That's cool that people do the period dress.

Rudee said...

What a lovely looking town, Pam. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Just Be Real said...

Wonderfully amazing photo's Pam. Thank you for sharing them. Blessings.