Saturday, April 9, 2011

Closets, and stuff

I guess I have writer's block. Maybe blogs block is more appropriate. I have heard that to keep writing one has to write every day. I did when I first created my blog, but as the years go by I seem to have less and less to say. Does anyone ever have that happen to them? In an effort to get back to blogging I am going to write what ever comes to mind.

The last few days I have been busy sorting and de-cluttering the guest bedrooms. When our son and his family stopped by en route to Alabama, I had all of my Christmas decorations still out because I was going to give them to our youngest son as well as the oldest. I couldn't stand the mess any longer, so I emptied the third bedroom closet and once again moved all of the decorations to that closet. This makes at least three maybe four times that I have moved that stuff since we moved here two years ago. I am tired of it all.

What I did was to move a stainless steel shelf into the closet that once had the Christmas decorations. That was in the exercise/craft room. I wanted to organize my scrap booking and card making supplies in a more useful way. So it is the only closet that looks good. Bedrooms three and four's closets are filled to the brim. No use even trying to use the closet for anything else especially not clothes. There is simply no room.

I loaded the folding chairs, old tax preparations from previous years, fall decorations, and who knows what else is in there in the fourth bedroom. I still do not have the amount of storage that I had in my former home. There was a place for every thing. So it looks like I will have to sort out more stuff and find a new home for it all.

I have a couple of boxes of crocheted items that were my grand mother's and my mother's crochet as well. I have organized them by how much I adore them. My favorite ones I can't part with, but some of it I am ready to let go. Next time I get the boxes out, I will take pictures of it. Maybe some one will want it.

I can only take so much clutter especially without a place for it to be stored in. I know it sounds funny that clutter drives me insane. It does and that is how I have always been. Now my sister can't let go of anything. I do have some emotional attachments for things that belonged to my family. Of course I still have some of our kids stuff, but I have packed their boxes and it is time for them to take care of it. That is what I took out of the closets. Ha. Ha. Ha. Time to pass it on.

Well that is it for today. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. We have been working on the garden and yard. The weather is so beautiful. I planted some planters today, and worked on the deck.


Rudee said...

I've been going days with writer's block, so, no, you're not alone. These days, except for my knitting, I'm not feeling very clever.

Since I downsized my home, it's imperative that I keep it as clutter free as possible. I can't stand disorganization and it really shows in a small home.

Envious of the planting business going on down there. It's been an unseasonably cool spring here, but as I took the trash to the garage, I noticed greenery popping up despite the temps. It won't be long now!

Debra said...

I have suffered quite a bit lately from writers block. Sometimes there is just nothing to write about. I kinda like your idea of writing whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I think I just think about it too much!

Know what you mean about clutter. I'm a throw away kind of gal myself!

Ferd said...

Did you know that Princess Gail is magic? She has the magic of almost-OCD! She organizes and re-organizes. When we first moved down here to NC two years ago, we had a garage full of boxes that didn't fit into the house when the movers dropped the stuff off. Within a few days, Gail had moved half of them to make room for her car. But I couldn't see where all the stuff had gone! Then little by little the rest of the boxes disappeared until I could fit my own car. Again... where did all the stuff go? I don't know. Magic! And she keeps doing it. She reorganizes, and we have more and more room! Of course I can never find anything because stuff is constantly moving around, but the house looks great!
Happy reorganizing!

Finding Pam said...

Rudee, I am glad that you knit so much. It keeps the old brain working. Working with my hands keeps me from eating at night.

Since our move two years ago, I got tired on not finding things. Give me a little bit more time, and I will know where all of my things are.

I am envious of your cooler temps because it has been so humid and hot here that it makes me dread summer.

Debra, it seems like folks are not posting as much as usual. Either they have writer's block or they are working in the yard.

Glad I am not the only one who can't stand clutter.

Ferd, I had to chuckle when I read your comment. Princess Gail ha the magic of almost OCD? She is so great to get it all organized. I did the same thing, but it was not where I wanted it to be. Sorry that you can't find your stuff, just ask Princess Gail. I am sure she knows where it is.

Thanks for stopping by.

DeEtta said...

I hate clutter as well and have been working on my messes.

I have to force myself to blog nowdays as well but it is my way to keep family and friends informed so I keep at it.

Today is a beautiful Sunday with blue skies and no snow. Something to be grateful for.

Gail said...


I just posted today but it has been weeks. I don't feel all that inspired to write. I have been reading and commenting on many blogs but not so much writing new posts on mine. Like most things, it ebbs and flows.
Love to you

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Pam,

Well, let me tell you - I have missed you, beary much.

Don't worry, if you need help I will write on your Blog. (Pam, it's me, Joyce - don't respond, encourage or write to her, trust me).

Blah, blah, blah, don't listen to HER, Miss Pam. I can be your personal assistant. Have your people call my people, okay?

Heaps of Hugs

Finding Pam said...

DeEtta, I don't think I can stop until it is all done. Right now I am just taking a break from those closets.

I am just busy with other things right now. I know what you mean about the clutter. You did a fantastic job cleaning your wash room and doing the laundry.

Gail,I hope you start writing more. Like you I do read the blogs. I will be around later to read your post. I hope all is well with you, my friend.

Joyce, I wish Prudence would ghost write for me. I am sure it would be fun. You have to love her attitude. Opps don't tell her I said that.

Hugs to you and the girls.

Sandee said...

If I can see the clutter it drives me over the edge. If I can hide it not so much. Pretty soon though I go there and de-clutter. I can so relate.

Loved Ferd's response. I didn't know that about Princess Gail. Not until now.

Have a terrific day. :)