Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vacation time

Alright folks...I am taking a blog vacation. No, nothing is wrong, just need a break and need to not feel guilty about it or have you wondering why I'm not posting. I hope I don't loose any of my readers. I will be back sometime this summer or maybe later. I am just not sure about when I will return. I hope you enjoy your summer.

I have started working out with my trainer three days a week and I spend a lot of time on the road getting to the gym. This is too important to me right now to not fully commit myself to my whole body,mind and spirit.

I will try to read your blogs when time permits. I am sure going to miss y'all.
Thanks for understanding and letting me enjoy my summer. In the mean time, I am going to eat lots of summer vegetables from Hubs' garden and go see my kids in Alabama.
Hugs to you all.


Sandee said...

Taking time for you is an excellent idea. Go for it. You'll gain a whole new perspective taking this break. Good for you.

Have a terrific day and summer ahead. Big hugs. :)

The Bear's Blog said...

Yes, this is wonderful idea. A time to refresh. Of course Prudence will be thrilled when I tell her.

She will say "Miss Pam, this is perfect timing, since I am away at Camp Good Bear for the summer". I can't wait to tell her when I call them tonight.

Be well, stay safe and know that I think this is a great idea, but I WILL MISS YOU.

See you soon, dear friend.


crochet lady said...

Sometimes we just need to take a break from this online world :)Will miss you Pam, have a great summer!!!!

DeEtta said...

Have a wonderful Summer and Vacation. Look forward to see you again. Sometimes a break is as good as a rest.

Take care and know you will not be forgotten.

Rudee said...

Don't be a stranger now. You'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break Pam! Take care and we'll see when you return :)

Akelamalu said...

Have a great summer, I'll be here when you get back. :)

Ferd said...

Go for it and enjoy!!!

You're in my RSS reader, so whenever you post, I'll know it.

Take good care, Pam!
(It sounds like you are!)

Travis Cody said...

Enjoy the time. See you soon!

Just Be Real said...

Enjoy Pam! Will miss you too.

Debra said...

Will be right here when you get back! Enjoy your time off. we all have to have breatks from time to time.

Refresh, renew, revive!

jennifer said...

Uh oh! Just when I get back you are gone. Well I'll see you when you are done with your break.

Enjoy yourself Pam!