Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let the rain come down

The rain came down.  In gushers of drops and thankfully no thunder or lightening.  I was at lunch in another town.  My bloggy friend, Anna and her little girl were up visiting friends.  I am so happy I got to visit them both.

The pond is full.
 Took this picture of a dragon fly this morning.

 The ducks are happy, happy, happy.
This is Dottie laying eggs on Hubs workbench.
The pond is full.
Dottie likes to ride in the Rhino.
This is Ruby following along.


DeEtta said...

The ducks look beautiful on the rain filled pond. Dollie and Rubie and cute hens and they look for fat and happy. Take care of your sweet self. Love you!

Sandee said...

Rain is good. Without the thunder and lightening though. We don't need that as dry as it is.

Have a blessed weekend. :)

Travis Cody said...

I thought we were getting a big storm this weekend, but so far it's sunny and breezy. Maybe tomorrow.

Marianne said...

The wildlife are enjoying the rain!