Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ta Da...

 Circumstances were just right and everything fell into place in order for us to get this cat.  He is from our neighbor in our former town where we once lived.  I was going to garden club in Kilgore, TX.   I had seen a photo of him on Face book.  When I met him, he leaped into my arms and began loving on me.  It was a done deal. 

He is not Bruno, our former cat that died last Spring, but he does remind us of Bruno.  He gets along with our other two cats.  Seems to know his place.  He wants to play with our dog, Hotdog.  Hotdog is sorta scared of him.  At least he is not afraid.

So with out any further ado...

Here he is... our new kitten.  His name is Shooter and he is about six months old.  We had him neutered and declawed.  He has all of his vaccinations and he is ours.  Ready to be loved.

It is not a standoff, but rather a checking it out situation.  Ha. Ha.  Ha.

He is a really pretty or should I say handsome cat.  He has the longest tail I have ever seen.  He's a keeper.


Joyce Mayer said...

Ah, so precious. Thank you for taking him, blessings to you.

Welcome Kitty.

Hugs ♥

Sandee said...

He is handsome and I'm so happy you are giving him a forever home. What a wonderful thing to do. Great for Awww Mondays and Feline Friday. Built in cuteness.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the new baby. ♥♥♥

DeEtta said...

He is a very handsome cat. Love the middle picture of the "Standoff". Will be a nice addition to your family.

Akelamalu said...

He is handsome, congratulations on your new arrival! :)