Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys of Summer...

at lAST To get out of this heat.

daNieL NotTtebarT with my dogs ...

Update on the boys of summer...

We have added two new players to our home as of last night. That should be interesting? One kid is from Dallas and the other one is from California.

More updates later....

Already lost 2 players, Ryan Mooney and Daniel Nottebart. They both play for Sam Houston State University. Ryan was neet, Daniel was sweet. This is Daniel Nottebart above with my dogs. Matt Shelton to the left.

AUGUST 4, 2008
Well, it is so hot in Texas that no one can tolerate this dreadful heat except my boys of SUMMRR bc they are young and use to hot weather... When your'e hot your hot! Brad Hawn is from Orange County, California and just decided to take a 2 week DETOUR in the hottest place I know of this year, Texas. Seems this young man has not been to the great state of Texas and needed to see what Kilgore is all about..via baseball.

So, we are into the playoffs and I just hope he doesn't have a heat stroke on the team bc he has never experienced anything quiet like TEXAS HEAT. Brad is a catcher and is in route to Curry College in Boston, Mass. He will finish up by the end of the week. Matt is leaving Tuesday to get moved into his apt. at SHSU in Huntsville, Tx. Keenon Duke has left to go back to Mesquite and then off to college UT at Tyler, so maybe we will see him in the future. He is a very nice young man with nice manners. His Moma raised him right. He even picks up after himself, so I will miss his sweet smile.

I am sure going to miss these young men. They told me that about 6 players want to live with us next summer bc I feed them and I am cool? Keep in mind that I know nothing about baseball, but I do know about boys bc of our two sons. I guess I will have to take applications and schedule interviews for next summer's players. Let see...Questions to ask...

  • you ever been arrested?
  • D0 you have any felonies?
  • Any DWI's?
  • Are you a citizen?
  • Have you done jail time?
  • Psychological or personality disorders?

Ha! Ha!