Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't Growl At Me...

I have this beautiful yellow lab, named Susie, and she is so blond.... my blond friends please do not take offense. She needs so much attention BC she was abandoned and abused; that I get BC I was A & A too. This incredible dog is not really a dog but thinks she is a hot sexy female. She really totally thinks she is a person .

Ok, she is a lap dog and a big baby. So needy. My husband found her abandoned in the countryside and he has a big heart, so he brought her home to me bc he knows how needy I am.
This is about the one-hundreth dog or cat that he has brought home through out the years.

She stands up and puts her paws on my shoulders, which sorta makes me feel shorter than I am. I know that I am in trouble when she sits up besides me and gives me this intense glaring look. I don't dare look her in the face bc that is what she wants from me. If I give her eye contact she growls and then barks and then jumps up in my lap. I tell myself not to look, but she will not be ignored. I can see her out the corner of my eyes and say to myself "I will not be growled at and I am not looking at you". So you can guess how that's working?

You can see from the pix posted earlier that she is such a ham and loves the camera. I really do love this dog. I have moved the two cats outside and Susie is in like Flint. Though the cats aren't too happy about that they tolerate her bc they are cats and they are cool. If you have cats, then you know what I mean...

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Brian T said...

100th dog or cat and skunks and opossums and snakes and turtles and anything else he can find...I dont remember raccoons though