Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to the Gym

OK, I went back to the gym yesterday. I knew what I had to do, but uggh it was no fun for the first twenty minuets, then my endorphins kicked in and ooh my groove on with the mp3, forgot my troubles, got in the zone and went to another level of pain/pleasure. I am so sadistic. I like it! I want it , give me some more of it. You can guess where I will be going today.

It's amusing to think about the word gym. If you just change the m to n, you get gyn. Really, think about it. They both have a lot in common. You figure it out for yourself. Well, I guess only women could think about it. Men would not get this, sorry guys, I'll explain it later. The correlation is as follows.

1. The positions are very similar especailly the Nautilus inner/outer machine and the doctor says spread your legs.

2. You have to weigh in at the gyn and the nurse muses " Oh my, I see we 've gained a little weight and your trainer moans "You've gained".

3. Women stare at you and wonder what you are doing. Same thing for both.

4.You have to wait for the doctor and wait for the eliptical machine.

5.It makes you uncomfortable as does the gym and doc

6.Small talk- ignorant incessant chatting to pass the time, sometimes due to nervousness or awkard moments as in small talk while your doctor is examining you, as in trying to figure out new machine and not look stupid.

I have to work off that banana butt bread I ate yesterday. You know why it is called butt? Of course you do...

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