Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Breakfast of champions...

Here it is... my breakfast today. My breakfast of champions! Mostly pills, uggh! Seems this inflammatory situation is not improving. About all the meds are doing is making me sick to my stomach. I think I would rather take my chances with a vodoo doctor, at least I could get a little doll of my doctor to stick needles in. Hah. How would she like that?

I will survive, I will prevail and not give up. That's the speech I give myself every morning when I start taking those damn pills and at night when I repeat the dosage. So for now, I am her guinea pig and she tries all sorts of meds to improve my lot in life. I guess the next thing she is talking about is an infusion. Oh, joy...I can't wait.

I don't usually even acknowledge this inflammatory thing bc I don't want to own it or think about it. But I must admit I like making fun of it to keep my sense of humor up and to keep myself laughing out loud. I really like to laugh a lot...out loud. Big gut busting laughing is good for the soul. Rawr!

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