Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh *!!!#$***...

I hate being so stupid on this computer. I was really into my post when all of a sudden it was lost, so I have to start all over. Of course because of SOMETIMERS, I can't remember my last thought. UGGGhhhh...WHY ME?

As I was saying, the boys have gone and soon my young friends will start back to school. So the question for me is "What do I do next with my life?" First, I have to get my house in order, line up my chores like little ducks and then start shootin. Actually, I am a list freak, so I start my list for my list and then think about all this stuff I have to get done before the next big event which is Thanksgiving for my husband's family. I am such an OCD freak... I wonder all the time if I can get it all done. It is hard being crazy?

I haven't done half of the things on my first...first because summer was interrupted by the baseball boys and secondly, it was just too hot to work outside in the yard. So back to list...find the list..look at the list....think about the list...throw the list away!

Like I started to say before I lost my post, I am going to learn how to say"NO" to volunteering for anything. I have this insatieble need to help others in need. Part of my needy self relates to the need to help others. I have taken the last year off from running a food pantry, but I am still finding people to help. So, I am waiting for my next assignment from God and where He wants me to go?

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Julie Adams said...

Just enjoy life. Live in the moment. The most important thing on your to do list is to be with your husband and kids (when you can)... The rest of the list doesn't really matter. Who cares if Thanksgiving dinner isn't perfect? I'd rather have dinner with my family in a cardboard box then at a castle by myself! Enjoy yourself, Pam!!! Enjoy God!!!