Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor...Uggh?

New people moved in the house next door less than a year ago and I am still struggling to accept my neighbors. I thought they were going to be great neighbors at first until I got to know the wife. She is a freakin psycho nut case.

Keep in mind that we all live in the country with a couple of acres each. We built our home 24 years ago and raised our children here. So this place means a great deal to me and I call it home. We recently remodeled over half of our entire home. It was major work, but worth it because we finally have our dream home.

So what's the problem you might be asking? Junk cars! My neighbors spent all this money to be in the country only to have clunker cars in the front right of way. Actually, they don't even park them in their drive but on the side of the road bc she does not want to see the clunkers. So, I have to view them from my front window. If you take care of your property and enjoy yard work then you will understand my dilemma and why this bothers me.

I have embraced my new neighbors by cooking meals for them, learning about their family, gifts for their birthdays and trying to celebrate the differences. I am good friends with their 16 yr. old son. He has done some yard work for me and we just became friends. He is a great young man. But the mother is another story. Trailor trash to say it nicely.

And where did these clunkers come from? The husband's crew drives to their house and they park on the side of road. Sometimes there are two to three cars and a lot of laborers. They work oilfield so they are parked there day and night bc of the long hours. I ask her nicely to move the junk cars and truck, but she said she did not want to see them in her main entrance driveway, of which she has two.

They play music so loud in their backyard from husband's work truck. Thanks to them, I now like small children, brightly colored lawn furniture, large family barbecues, parakeets, mexicans and lots of talking and screeming from family and friends because they party any time they can.

I know that this seems so trivial to some, but this is not trivial to me. I am thinking of selling our home to get away from these low lifes. Did I mention that they are parking in front of our water fill station. Firetrucks refill here because there are not hydrants out in the country. Besides, we paid for half of the installation 24 years ago. That is just stupid! So for me, I choose to just have my say on my blog, try to ignore the problem and wait for revenge.