Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome new guy...

Today, I went to help unpack our new pastor's stuff in the parsonage. His wife's mother has Alzheimer's and had a stroke this week. He has compassion for our church despite his own family's problems. Well, I am just thankful that he is still moving to Kilgore given what he is dealing with right now. No excuses for him and I like that.... says he will commute 4 hours to and from Pasadena if need be.

New pastor is very in tune to our situation. I just hope that the pastor killing mongers will not come forward with all the old shituations about old pastor. I pray that they give new guy a break from all the ill feelings they had for the old pastor. You know... just let the past rest and let old sleeping dogs lie where they may.

New guy is easy to talk with, kind, warm and sincere. I do think that he is heaven sent to a church in desperate need of a healing. Thank you, Lord for the new guy. It does not look good for his mother n law, as she is being sent home and they are calling in Hospice. So please keep then in your prayers.

Tonight we had practice for the play that we will be performing as a fund raiser during our Pumpkin Patch month in October. The play is called "Panic at the Pageant" and it's about a funny small town and a beauty pageant contest.