Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The day before Thanksgiving...

"Hello, Mrs.Tannehill, would it be alright if another realtor brought a client to view your home tomorrow?" Me...."Well, ugh, well...I guess that would be alright?" Oh my gosh! I have eight people, four dogs, and two cats in my home right now. Tomorrow, my sister n law and her family are coming here by noon. The septic system man will be here in the morning to clean out the tanks and NOW, I have to have my home ready for people to view? You have got to be kidding! I have just said good by to a car load of family today. I don't know how much of this I can take.

I am exhausted from all the work. We went from eating supper to a mad dash to finish cleaning up the house. We had been sorting out my son's ornaments for my daughter n law to take home. We were having fun decorating the tree, ugh, I know that's early, but it is the only time I have, honest...we were having fun until the realtor called, then the rush started, the insanity began. We have added all the leaves to the dining room table, gathered all the chairs, found the table clothes.

My son has been sorting through things and is taking a few antiques back with them and a king size bed, so we will have one less thing to move to our new home. I gave away about all my clothes to my sister and her daughter n law, jewelry, and shoes. I just feel like getting rid of a lot of stuff. Everything has been topsy turfy from sorting out decorations for Goodwill to sorting out my Grandmother's doilies. This has been hard because no one wants some of this stuff and I do not want it either. My daughter n law suggested we give the decorations to Goodwill. It is cute stuff just not my style anymore. I told my son he would appreciate my doing this now instead of them having to do it later in life when we are no longer here.

I can not begin to tell just what we have all been through, but I will tell you this much, the house looks beautiful and clean and we are ready to leave in the morning while the realtor shows our home. I don't even think we will eat breakfast here because of the time shortage. The yard has been mowed, leaves raked, porches swept off, windows cleaned and we are going to sleep now. Good night to all.

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Chickie said...

The main thing that keeps me from getting a new house now is the thought of having to go through the trouble of selling this one.

Good luck to you. May your sanity stay intact.