Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh my gosh...This is pretty gross

While I was away tonight, my husband had been cutting and burning trees all day. He was cutting down a dead pine tree and prided himself on the perfect way the tree was falling, until, the top of the tree fell on his head. Oh my gosh! As it was falling, he tossed the chain saw, and thought he was going to land on his back on a tree stump , all the while the top of the tree is coming down on him.

When I came home, I could not believe what I saw. His forehead was laced with stitches, an whopper of an egg, bloodshot eye and he looked just awful. I ask him what had happened. He said "I got into a fight with a pine tree and the tree won." Thankfully, my other neighbor was home and she drove him to another town to the ER. They sewed him up, gave him a tetanus shot, and sent him home with some pain meds.

My friend said "He must not know about the buddy system" and her husband said "Next time Doc want to drink beer and cut trees down to call him first and he would be glad to help him, especially with the beer!"And that he had two chain saws. I am so thankful that my husband was not hurt worse than he was. He works all the time and his boss told him to take some time off because he has not had a real day off for a year.

So, I want to add one more thing that I am thankful for and that is my husband is going to be alright, and tomorrow will be another day. I am making him some homemade vegetable soup. I am sure he will not be slowed down by this and he will continue burning and cutting trees.

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Chickie said...

Wow, that is a whopper of an egg and injury! Glad he's going to be okay and that it wasn't worse. Yes - use the buddy system next time!