Sunday, February 15, 2009

Portrait of Words #6

Portrait of Words , a monthly writing challenge presented by Jeff B. Each month Jeff post a group pictures and we write a story that aptly tells our story through the pictures. For more information go to Jeff's new blog highlighted.

Do you really know your neighbors?

The two young women stood chatting as they watched the men finish the details of this beautiful house. It was the talk of the whole neighborhood.

It was unusual for anything like this to occur in this small town.
Nothing new had been built for over forty years. The women had been jogging and
stopped for a break. " Do you believe what took place before that house was built?" My Granny says it was all true what happened.

"That is such a shame what happened."

Long before the new house was built, there was an unsolved mystery that had always been dismissed because it was so tragic. No one really knew the whole story or even the truth. The story is remembered by most of the town folks. Over sixty years ago, the Stewart family happily lived on a family farm, which had been handed down from generation to generation. They owned a country store with a filling station on the edge of their farm.

There was a huge explosion at the country store one morning in the early spring of 1947 and the Stewart's country store and filling station burned to the ground killing everyone but the youngest girl, Minnie Louise. Nothing was left, but a huge crater in the ground. The town would never be the same after loosing the Stewart's. Ma Stewart, Pa Stewart and their five children would be buried later that week. Minnie Louise was ten years old at the time and she had a total breakdown from loosing her family. She lead a solitary life with no one to guide her. She ran away from the orphanage and never looked backed.

She lived in an abandoned school bus. Living on practically nothing, somehow she managed to survive. She took in all kinds of stray cats and dogs and lived quietly in the old bus in the country. No one knew who she was or that she was still alive except the waitress and a hand full of people. She raised a small garden and she would sell her fresh vegetables to the local farmers market in order to have a little money.

One night, Minnie Louise needed a drink and she walked to the local bar. When she entered the waitress looked strangely at her. " What will you have Minni Lou?" "Give me two beers and crown and coke, "she replied. All of that for you?" "Yea, I have just had the shock of my life!" Minnie reluctantly ask the waitress to sit down.
Minnie Lou slowly said "Today a beedy-eyed lawyer was out at my bus asking all sorts of questions. He told me that I was a very wealthy woman. He said they had been looking for me for years. The man said that my Pa had insurance on the family store and station and that I was rich. In additon, over the years my family's land had increased in value so much that I was shocked!" "I couldn't believe my ears." said Minnie Lou. "All the years I have struggled to barely get by and now I am rich?"

That is how Minnie Louise could afford to build that beautiful brick home. The money and the new house didn't really mean that much to Minnie Louise because she had no family except her dogs and cats. Minnie Louise and all her critters moved into that new house. Looks like sometimes something good can come from something bad. Today, Minnie Louise takes in all kinds of critters and helps find homes for them.


bettygram said...

Imagine living in an old bus and not knowing your rich. How horrible.
I enjoyed the story.

Dr.John said...

Very good writing. Makes you feel sorry for the lady living in the bus.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Excellent writing Pam! You are very talented!

Jeff W Bach said...

Lesson learned. . . always be kind to the crazy ole' cat woman, she might just be you neighbor tomorrow.

Fun read Pam.

Maggie May said...

Glad Minnie Lou inherited a good deal of money, after living in a bus for years, she needed a lucky break!

Happy story..... good ending and written well.

Finding Pam said...

I think considering all that Minnie Louise had been through that she really did not care if she lived in a bus. For me, the money was not as important as the family she lost. I am just glad that she survived and the money was a little something to help her help all those critters.

Nessa said...

Good story. One never does know. Good for Minnie Louise.

lmerie said...

Love your story! I think it is so great that you can take the prompts and come up with a wonderful story!!


Lmerie (a.k.a. Lailani Meadow)

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on the photos. It has been fun to visit y'all and see what you came up with. Quite original!

BJ Roan said...

Nice story. I like happy endings!

Anonymous said...