Monday, April 13, 2009

Portrait of Words

Portrait of Words is a monthly writing challenge presented by Jeff B. Each month Jeff selects photos for us to write our stories. Click the icon for more information if you would like to participate. Please read the other stories as well.

Murder, I don't think so...

Henry Patterson had always been a hard working man. He worked his way up in the machine line to the most coveted job, hole borer of the famous Strike Out Bowling Company. He job demanded exact precision in the boring of the finger holes of the ball. Henry had custom made bowling balls for many professional pro bowlers. His reputation was quite good and he always delivered a perfect product.

That is why he was so very surprised when his beloved wife, Mary Lou, was killed in the manner in which she was murdered. Why would anyone want to hurt Mary Lou? He was even more shocked when the detective told him that his wife was murdered and they accused him of the heinous act. Words could not describe how torn apart Henry felt when he heard the police report.

What kind of a monster would kill his wife in the manner that she was murdered. Mary Lou was kidnapped and then she was tied to a drill press where her eyes were bored out. There were no finger prints to connect Henry to his wife's death, but the fact that it happened at his work place was rather odd. The detectives thought is was odd as well. He had been accused of murder. An unthinkable murder of his beloved wife. Henry and Mary Lou had been married for twenty years and had weathered some storms in their marriage. They always managed to mend their arguments and heal their hurt feelings. Of course he had buried his previous wife before meeting Mary Lou, but no one knew that and he kept it a secret.

Mary Lou's daughters had insisted that Henry was the murderer of their mother. They told the detective a bizarre story of their mother's marriage to Henry. How Henry had met her at the Whiskey A Go Go on the strip. How he had married her only three weeks after meeting her. How she sold everything she owned including her home and left the state with Henry. He kept her so isolated in Florida. Henry had stolen her zest for life and was always so condescending towards her. Once before, she was so sick and she needed medical attention, but he refused to take her to the doctor. The daughters were furious with him and never forgot his cruelness towards their mother.

Murder? He didn't think so. It would seem that Mary Lou had seen something she was not suppose to see. Maybe that was why her eyes where destroyed.

Looking at the days events, Henry Patterson had evaded the allegations made against him. He was relieved that the jury had found him innocent. He stared at the courtroom one last time, remembering the long trial and what had been uncovered . Thankful that he was exonerated. Words could not aptly express how he felt at this very moment. Stunned, yet elated at the outcome.

After the courtroom emptied, Henry just shook his head in disbelief. What has the world come to when a man is accused of murder? When there is no solid evidence? When there is no motive?

Henry headed to the local cafe to get a bite to eat. He was flooded by photographers and news reporters. All this attention was getting under his skin. He was not guilty. Why wouldn't they leave him alone?
Frustrated, he left the cafe and headed to the first bar he came upon. Give me a bottle of whiskey. He went to the corner and sat down and began playing a game of chess.

Check Mate, Mary Lou...




Sandee said...

Very well done. I enjoyed this very much.

Have a terrific day. :)

Finding Pam said...

Thank you Sandee. I am heading out the door, but will read the other stories later. Have a great day.

Akelamalu said...

Great story Pam. I love the way we all use the photo prompts so differently. Mine's scheduled to post on Wednesday. :)

Strawberry Girl said...

Fantastic!! and the ending is such a suprise!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that nicely told, and a bit creepy which I must admit, I like in a story!

Finding Pam said...

Akelamula, I look forward to your story.

Thank you Strawberry Girl for the comment. The end was a surprise for me too. LOL

Things We Carried, I think I creeped myself out with the eyes too.

ccorkran said...

Very creative story, terse and to the point. Excellent use of pictures and good character development. I love the ending. candace

Anonymous said...

Great story Pam. I loved the ending and it was a great read. My is schedulded for Wednesday as well. Good job.

BJ Roan said...

Nicely done! Great minds...we both used the drill press as the murder weapon. Great ending.

Finding Pam said...

Candy- Thank you for the nice comments. Of course, with you being my sister, no surprise you would like it. haha

Thomm- I look forward to reading yours on Wednesday. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment on it.

BJ- I loved your story as well. Where does this gore come from? LOL

Jeff B said...

Something ab out these pictures seemed to bring out the murder card for everyone.

That was truly a warped bit about the boring of her eyes! I could feel it eeeewwww...


Cath said...

Oh nice twist there!
Over via Jeff's.

Maggie May said...

Good story but a bit gruesome about the eyes & the drill!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Now that was a rather gory story (the way she was killed)... and a very well written one I must say. Scary how he got away with this murder, and by the sound of it that of his first wife too.

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog today.

wendy said...

Were just the photos assigned or was the topic of murder assigned as well?

wow wow WOW!


Girl, I didn't know you could write like that.

That was super.

Nice touch, that drill bit thing. Creepy and compelling.

And the end took me by surprise too.

Dark. I liked it.

Anonymous said...