Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twenty thing Thursday and it's not all good

OK, here is my silly list of things I am complaining about. Now that I listed them all out, I feel even worse. No need to console me because I admit it I am a big baby.

  • I am so inconsistent. I have a bad case of the don'ts right now. I don't want to do anything

  • I am so lazy and I greatly dislike going to wal world

  • I have five friends at work, but they work all the time. It does make work enjoyable though

  • I have been sick and feel like crap even after taking the antibiotics. Probably why I feel like crap and my stomach is upset.

  • My acupuncturist has been in China for three weeks

  • He came back and I received a treatment yesterday

  • That made me feel better

  • My sister, Candy, is still in Louisiana and I miss her

  • Hubs will leave this weekend to go to south Louisiana for two months.

  • Didn't I just move here in Jan. to be with Hubs?

  • My new rescued dog, Carmen, had to be treated for heart worms and she is in so much pain that she made a horrible sound and when I tried to console her it did not help. She is in our bed right now. I think she has found her sleep number. I may have to sleep in the guest room

  • My hands hurt, in fact I hurt all over

  • I have to clean house for company( my sister's son, wife and kids are coming here Sunday to bring her here)Couldn't they stay in the travel trailer with her?

  • I have gained weight, again...

  • I can not fit in my clothes, bought some new ones yesterday.

  • I felt something bite my toe nail in my truck and it was a tiny little mouse. I almost had a wreck and a heart attack. Yuck... a field mouse in my truck. I don't know who was more scared him or me?

  • I am dreading the house work more than anything. I have got a terrible attitude.

  • This list confirms that I am so selfish

  • I am always hungry

  • I hate methotrexate and once a week I have to take it for my RA.

Now you can understand my question does it make you a better person to do something you do not want to do? I never mind helping anyone in fact that is a joy, but I just don't feel like doing any of it. I pray that tomorrow is better.


Anonymous said...

ACK a mouse? Was it Mickey or Minnie? LOL. Cheer up my friend. You do have all of us here. I know that it's words, but the feelings are true deep down inside all of us I'm sure. You will make it through all of this. Ya need some motivating. Now let me can I motivate ya. Oh yeah:

Knock Knock!

Whose There?


Who Who?

Who wants to see Pam up and at 'em and enjoying her life. We Do. That's Who :)

Smile at your self, know that we all care and

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

First of all... the mouse thing would have put me off the road. Sheesh!

Second of all... count your blessings there are people like Thom to tell you knock knock jokes even when all you wanna do is knock someone over the head ;)

Thirdly... I know... I talk too much. When Candy gets back you will feel so much better. It's a sister thang!

And fourthly... is fourthly a word? Anyway... you are in the middle. The middle sucks. But rest assured you will come out on the other side. We are always in the middle of something - each and every one of us but it's the knowledge that's there's hope for tomorrow that helps get us through the middle.
I'll shut up now. I think I've just confused myself.

Finding Pam said...

Thom, geeze I didn't have time to ask him! Thanks for the Knock Knock joke. I needed that. Keep making me laugh. I like it.

Finding Pam said...

Dawn, thank you for the sisterly thang. What you don't know is that Candy and I have become true friends again since she has been living here with us. I feel so blessed to not only love my sister, but I like her too!

I am profoundly greatful for you and Thom and my other bloggyfriends.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Pam! I am so sorry. Sometimes you just need a good vent and some listening ears (or eyes in this case). I hate that some people live in chronic pain and I hate that for you.


Finding Pam said...

Meridith, somedays are just better than others and it would seem I am feelingthe latter.

Thank you for the HUGS and for reading and commenting.

Hugs back to you too.

Finding Pam said...

Hey Thom, BTW, I loved the James Brown Video. I did get up off of my thang, but I couldn't shake it. I did vacuum, so that is a start. I forgot how cool JB was.
Many thanks:)

Akelamalu said...

A mouse in your truck?????? I'd have died!

Dr.John said...

I don't like mice either . You have had a rough time.Print out today's blog.
Crumple it up.
Put it in a big ashtray and burn it.
See your troubles going up in smoke.

Sandi McBride said...

See, I told you you need a cat...have I got a cat for you! And methotrexate? I threw it out, couldn't tell it was doing my RA a bit of left ankle has been as big as a beach ball for 2 years...did the lousy meds help? NO(..just made me sick and made me gain weight...hands ache, but I'm losing the weight and have a grand relationship with this neat thing Good Sister gave heat it for 1 minute in the microwave and get lovely moist heat for fifteen minutes! Ahhhh, think i'm gonna go heat it up! Good luck with your RA do I know where you're coming from!
hugs from your sister in pain

Finding Pam said...

Akelamula, the final blech moment is when I found out the mouse died somewhere in my truck. No one can find him. Think I am going to hurl. If I go 70 MPH with the windows down it is not too bad...

I need to find a detail place, but today is raining and they are all closed. Not even Hubs could find it.

Next week has to be better. RIGHT?

Finding Pam said...

Dr. John, I like that idea of printing it off, crumbling it up then burning it up. VBery symbolic.

But what do I do about the dead mouse in my truck? Poof it's gone, not hardly.

Thanks so much for the thoughts.

Finding Pam said...

Sandie, do you still go to your doctor for your RA? I am about ready to leave this latest doctor. They don't offer much in the way of relief except the standard sickening protocol of dreadful medicines.

My accupuncturist is back and I am getting my endorphins back from his treatment. So I am not as blue.

BTW, I do have two inside cats. I am adopting 3 kittens for the outside. Living in the country is like living in the jungle.

Thank you so much for your comment. I would like to know what your sister gave you? Do you take any meds now?

I appreciate your understanding of my pain as I do yours. I don't know how people can stand the pain. Yes, we are sisters in pain, but it would be better to be pain free. Take care now.

wendy said...

Wow! I just listened to some of your play list and it is AMAZING!

I love the three songs I heard (Mama, just killed a man ... also .. Claude DeBussy, and like an idiot couldn't FIND the stupid play list soon enough to find out what I was listening to the first time ... kind of country, kind of angry ... I LOVED IT!)

Great story as usual with the photos.


It's totally how I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW. So much I know I should do, and I don't wanna.

Also feeling alone in my city. Moved from a city where I knew everyone at church. Lost my two best friends over a business deal and didn't realize how few real "friend" connections I had elsewhere.

So I find myself with lots of friendly people around me after three years, but no real "FRIENDS" ... you know?

I think you do know.

And my neck hurts all the frikkin' time, so I am always avoiding doing my art work.

I am so glad I found your blog.

You play my heart strings every time I come here to read, my friend.

Sorry I am such an infrequent reader ... I find myself hiding out in front of my TV renting movies and being anti social and anti productive.

I am trying to MAKE myself be the better person I know I should be, and will continue my efforts to see if I can MAKE myself evolve through sheer will power.

And diet? How much butter CAN I get on that popcorn I microwaved last night? How late into the night CAN I eat?

OK ... now I am ranting.

But I feel better. Thanks.

Have a terrific weekend and feel better.

You've got a friend in me.



wendy said...

oh yes ... and good job not crashing when that mouse bit you on the toe.

OW!!! That is just rude.

wendy said...

Dr. John, Thom, and Dawn ... good advice!

It made me feel better too.

Finding Pam said...

Wendy, I don't know what to say if you are feeling like I am right now. I guess misery loves company, but you are so young, so try to fight it.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness in your comments. Like you I have not been p
osting as much as I use to. I apologize for not getting to your blog as often as I should.

I know what you mean about leaving your church. So I am just marching to time and hopefully this shall pass.

I am blessed to have such wonderful blogfriends, including you. Stay positive and hang in there. Hugs to you!

wendy said...

Hey, Pam ... thanks!

Mostly I feel up. But WHEN I feel down, THAT'S WHAT ITS' ABOUT.

That and disobedient children and stinky husbands with stinky habits.

The disobedient child one is highest on my list this weekend.

Hugs right back!


Chickie said...

You are not so selfish! You sound pretty normal to me.

Or maybe I am selfish.

Anyhoo, I hope things got better for you.

I jumped a little in my seat when reading about your mouse.

Anonymous said...