Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life In The Dungeon

For those of you that do not know the Queen of the Memes you can plead on my behalf here.
Mimi Writes....... This is a weekly writing experiment for fun.

I have decided to journal my thoughts about my time in the Queen's Dungeon. The Queen thought it best if I were to spend some time in solitary confinement. I must tell you it has been most difficult living in the Dungeon. It is cold, dark and damp. The Queen has been so kind as to finally give me a mattress, some cheese and crackers, and Homer, the palace dog, ordered in pizza.

It is very lonely down here and I am embracing my new little friends, the mice. While though they scare me to death, we have come to an amicable agreement. If they don't bother me, I will share my food with them. We are working on something more sinister though I can not disclose the nature of the talks. At first, all mouse leaders were present, then one by one they left after a very long and boring speaker. In fact there were two really crazy mice trying to vent to the rest of the mouse world. They had a lot of issues.
Of course, I being the smarter of the two groups told them to behave or they would find themselves in a ditty. I hate to resort to violence, but I have two very effective mouse traps to persuade them to see my point of view.

There is a little light shining through the Dungeon walls. I have been in contact with the group, Prisoners Without Representation and the AARB, the American Association of Retired Bloggers. Next I will contact the Deptarment Of Humane Treatment Of Dungeon Prisoners. I hear that the President is trying to negotiate my release. No... no... not Bill! Please send George Clooney or Brad Pitt, just not Clinton!

I need to close for now before I get in more trouble with the Queen. I have been working on my book and Stephen King wants to do a movie about the Dungeon and The Queen.


Mike Golch said...

Interesting but not fun.

Akelamalu said...

Oh you could be in trouble for telling the secrets of the dungeon! LOL

Nessa said...

Don't get in a diddy, never a diddy!

Finding Pam said...

Mike, you can say that again!

Akelamula, I am just telling my story only. No secrets will be revealed.

Nessa, Thanks for the ditty, I corrected it. I guess I was thinking of PDiddy? LOL!

Mr. Lance said...

Good luck, You should ask Homer to order a file in the pizza next time.

Rambling Woods said...

Just stopping by to say hello. Boy you write so well Pam..... Michelle

Chickie said...

I loved reading this!

Dr.John said...

Would a little plastic explosive help?

Mimi Lenox said...

I heard that Dr. John!

Mimi Lenox said...

I started laughing the minute I saw the little "nibble mouse" flashing thing at the top of your blog. Too funny.

And then when you said the mice had issues I totally lost it.

"Prisoners Without Representation and the AARB, the American Association of Retired Bloggers."

strikes again...

Glad you like the cheese and crackers but I left it for the mice, not you! And Homer used my credit card to order that pizza. I am none too happy about that.

I'll take Clooney. You can have Pitt.But if King calls let me know. You should have a starring role in this drama.

What an imagination!!
You are too funny.

Explosives??!!! Don't do it, Pam.

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh, did I mention the ghosts here?

Finding Pam said...

I'm not scared. Some of my best friends are ghost. tee hee snort!

I am afraid of explosives Dr. John, but thanks for the idea! It would be my luck that I would blow myself up. I am sorta klutzy that way.

Mimi, I have another post or two up my sleeves.

I am so glad that I could make you laugh given that your Dad is sick. I hope he is better soon.

I am off to try this week's writing experiment. Later, Mimi.

Anonymous said...