Monday, September 21, 2009

The Queen's Meme # 11

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Queen's Tuesday Meme #11 ~ The Loud and Raucous Poetry Meme (Not)
Welcome to The Queen's Meme #11.A Tuesday meme Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious. Always fun!Step out of the box. Be creative. Use your imagination.No one's answers are quite like yours.And please, stay out of the dungeon.You don't want to go there.This week the questions are sheer poetry. Nonsensical. Cerebral. Challenging. The answers should be too.I have given you seven familiar limericks. Your job is to change them by filling in the blanks. Here's an example of a limerick.
There was an Old Man in a tree,Who was horribly bored by a Bee;When they said, 'Does it buzz?'He replied, 'Yes, it does!''It's a regular brute of a Bee!' Lines 1, 2 & 5 rhyme. Lines 3 & 4 rhyme. You can use more than one word to fill the blank but the end words must rhyme appropriately. Now fill in the blanks with the limericks I've given you. Don't think about them too much. Usually the first word that pops in your head can be used to make a very funny poem. Try it!

1.There was an Old Man of the sea,

Who lived upon buoy;

When that did not last,

He took off fast,

That nasty Old Man of flea .

2. There was a Young Lady whose haste,

Were unique as to color and paste;

When she opened them wide,

People all turned to hide,

And started away in post haste.

3.There was a Young Lady of whim,

Who casually sat on a hem;

When the door squeezed her skirt tight,

She exclaimed, 'oh how trite?

This courageous Young Lady of mayhem .

4.There was an Old Man with a stick,

Who bumped at kids with a tick;

But they called out, ' Stop it you ol' bag.

You're a horrid old drag!

So they smashed that Old Man with a kick.

5. There was a Young Lady whose cat,

Came untied when the birds sat on her hat,

But she said: 'I don't care if their in my hair !

All the birds in the air,

Are welcome to sit on my flat!

6. There was an Old Man of the hills,

Who never knew what he should instill;

So he tore off his hat,

And behaved like a brat,

That intrinsic Old Man of the quills.

7. There was an Old Man of hog,

Who had the most curious dog,

For while he was around,

He slept on the ground,

That funny Old Man of Prague.

This one is for Mimi...

8. There was a blogger of old,

who always did what she was told,

Until she started this limerick;

She realized it was no picnic.

Off to the dungeon she cajoled.

Hat tip: Edward LearOriginal limericks are HERE. Don't peek 'til you've finished or it's you-know-where for the likes of you.


Sandee said...

Hi Pam. Just swinging by to say hello and hope you had a terrific weekend.

Have a great day and week ahead. Big hug. :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent...I love no 4

Akelamalu said...

Very clever and witty Pam! :)

Xmichra said...

heehe... loved the last one :)

Finding Pam said...

Thanks Sandee, I appreciate you stopping by and we did have a nice weekend. Hope you had a great time as well.

Finding Pam said...

Thanks Jean-Luc... This was a challenge for me. Yours were great.

Finding Pam said...

Akelamula, I am not sure about clever and witty, but thank you for stopping by.

Finding Pam said...

Xmichra, I liked the last one too. It was especially for Mimi, and I hope she knows how hard I tried. LOL!

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Pam these are hilarious! I love the one you did for the Queen :D

jennifer said...

The last one was funny! Actually they were ALL good.

Finding Pam said...

Thanks Dawn. I miss reading your blog. I hope that you are good.


Mimi Lenox said...

Ha ha!! I knew you'd be up for the challenge. I love 'em all. "That Funny Old Man of Prague"..good one.

Cajoled to the dungeon, eh?
OK. I shall oblige. Off ya go!
I'm an equal opportunity Queen.
(evil grin)

Finding Pam said...

I can't believe I am going to the dungeon. I honestly thought that little lemerick would save me.

I'm scared of the dark and dreary dungeon. Will there be company? What is the attire?

DeEtta said...

All of the limericks were fun to read. My dad always talked in limericks so it also brought back memories.

Anonymous said...

5. There was a Young Lady whose cat,
Came untied when the birds sat on her hat,
But she said: 'I don't care if their in my hair !
All the birds in the air,
Are welcome to sit on my flat!

Loved this exercise. Fun way to create.

mielikki said...

very nice!

Mimi Lenox said...

How are you feeling in the cold and dark, my lovely? Are they rats behaving? Are Travis and Julie being nice to you?

I don't think Travis even knows he's in the dungeon. I'd better tell him.

Mouse said...

Loving that last one ;)

Fandango said...

I loved them. If I didn't have so many things going I would try them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving the birthday greetngs. I really appreciate it! And I will get back to blogging soon.

Glad to see that you and your hubby love nature. I never get tired of watching the deer in my yard.

Anonymous said...