Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have been disconnected from my computer, and it has been miserable. Last week, my cat jumped up on the table and spilled my coffee cup all over my desk ,my scrap booking and my computer. We have been having trouble with it for a while this was the final blow to the computer. It just died.

I have been having all sorts of weird things happen with my animals. None of it has been good. So the dogs were chasing one another around in a circle eight and then spoofed the cat and well you know the ending already. Every morning I have awoken to throw up, one of the dogs knocked off a palm tree, ate part of the foliage and then threw it up. Ack! The dogs have eaten part of their new camouflage beds. They are really in trouble. I am not sure what is going on with them, but I am ready for them to stop.

We have been sorta of thinking about a new computer. In our dreams, we have wished for a Flat screen TV, but we are always so cautious. So it was a complete surprise when Hubs and I went to Bestbuy and purchased a new computer. Then we went to look at the TVs. Yes, we did ended up with a 55" flat screen TV. This is not like us to make two big purchases at one time. I really like it. Hubs is elated.

So we just bought our anniversary, and our birthday gifts for next year or two. I can see the TV from the kitchen while I am on the computer. Really nice. I hope everyone is having a great New Year.


Anonymous said...

It must have been a sign for the animals to do that :) Congrats on the nice TV and new computer. The prices have come down on all of those items so much since they first came out that you can't go wrong. Glad everything is back to normal :)

Sandee said...

Note to self...don't have liquids anywhere near your new computer.

Well the poor fellas are probably bored at being inside all the time. The weather isn't exactly wonderful outside. Just a guess.

Way to go on a new computer and a 55 inch flat screen television. You guys are living large. Good for you.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

A happy accident :)!

Jeff B said...


Sounds like a bit of chaos right now.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh sorry about that Pam..I's glad that you are back online..while I am here, I want to wish you a Happy 2010......hugs...Michelle

Mr. Lance said...

Sometimes it is nice to spoil one self!

Happy New Year

Finding Pam said...

Hey Thom... we will see if everything is back to normal? You are right in that we did save a lot on these two items.

Sandee...I have never spilled anything until the cat got spooked. It has been cold here for us,but this week is going to be veruy cold down into the teens and low fortys for the highs.
Hugs back to you!

Meridith...if this could be an happy accident then I guess it was, but it did not feel like it at the time.

Finding Pam said...

Hey Jeff...I think my dogs are in deep trouble. Hubs is fencing the yard, but it may take a while bc of the weather. And yes...there is lots of chaos here. Why I am not sure?

Michelle...thank you for the new year wishes. Last year was not my best year. I wish you a great new year as well.

Mr.Lance..having a personal chef would be spoiling myself. Hubs cooks,but it is not healthy food.

Thank you all for stopping by and especially commenting.

Akelamalu said...

Well good for you! I guess the animals actually did you a favour eh?

Happy New Year to you. x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your purchases! sometimes we just need to do something nice for ourselves :)

Finding Pam said...

Akelamula, when you think about it, the dogs did me a big favor! LOL!

Dawn, That is a nice way to look at it. Thanks I appreciate that point of view.

Chickie said...

Way to go with the new electronics!

I didn't realize how bad my eyesight was til we got a t.v. big enough that I could read the show guide on the screen. LOL

Anonymous said...