Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Queen's Meme #38~ The Let's Go To Dinner Meme

Monday, May 24, 2010
The Queen's Meme #38 ~ The Let's Go To Dinner Meme

Welcome to the Queen's Tuesday Meme #38

The Let’s Go To Dinner Meme

We all love to wine and dine with our families and those we care about. Some of us talk about it. Some of us don’t. Regardless, we all have stories to tell…. past and present. Take a trip down memory lane or unfold your fantasy night out on the blog for all to read. We’re all ears. Waiter! Waiter!

1. When is the last time you went out to dinner with someone special? Tell us about it.

Probably for my birthday lunch. Some of my best friends got together and we went to the best Mexican restaurant. We laughed and laughed and of course ate lunch.
2. Show us a picture of your favorite cuisine.

3. What is the funniest thing a man/woman has said to you lately?
Since I am the funny one here, I can't remember what I said last. Just saying it was funny. You would have to been here. Tee hee..

4. What makes a gentleman a gentleman in today’s dating world? Are there any left?
I see lots of gentlemen, but I imagine they are all married. I think that a gentleman is timeless and never goes out of style.

5. Is there anything you won’t tolerate when out to dinner with your significant other?
I hate that big ol' lobster bib! Please do not eat off my plate either.

6. What type of ambiance do you enjoy in an eating establishment?

I like to eat at the restaurant on the lake watching the sun set. I do not like screaming children or a lot of background noise. If it is too noisey then I can't hear sweet nothings being wispered into my ear.

7. Tell us about the worst public dining experience you ever had, whether it be a date or with your family.
I am not allowed to talk about it ever...LOL!

8. What is the lamest or rudest thing a man/woman has said to you lately?

I do not believe anyone has ever been rude to me in a restaurant. If that is what you are implying. I am sort of picky with my meal. I want my meal served properly and cooked to my specifications. I appreciate good service.

9. Are you a good tipper?

Absolutely, I was a waitress in high school at the local pharmacy and I worked the soda fountain and did a little bit of cooking. So I know how hard they work and how little pay they make.

10. Do you ask for doggie bags when you leave food on your plate at a restaurant?
No, when I am through, I do not take food home. It is never as good the second time.

11. What is your pet peeve about restaurants and dining out in general?

That the servings are too large. Is it any wonder we are all getting fat?

People that do not know how to behave in a restaurant, especially kids.

12. Do you prefer to order yourself or do you ever let your significant other order for you?

Usually, Hubs will order for me.

13. Describe your most intimate romantic dinner ever. (fantasy or real)
When our second son was born, Hubs tried his best to cook a lovely meal. It was so sweet of him and I will never forget that night.
14. Do you enjoy piano bars?

Not if there is smoke in my eyes.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world for dinner, where would it be and who would you be with?
One of my favorite places to eat is the Mohawk in Louisiana. It has been there forever and serves the finest seafood ever. I would take my sister for this trip. We have been going there since our college days. It is still amazing.


Sandee said...

To the last question...Anywhere hubby is having dinner. That's where I want to be.

Have a terrific day Pam. Big hug. :)

mielikki said...

I hate noisy restaurants as well..
but I do love the leftovers!
nice answers

Jean-Luc Picard said...

On the continent, I think the serving are usually a lot smaller than the US.

Finding Pam said...

Sandee, I wish my Hubs liked to eat out. That is why I go every where with my sister when she is here.

Mielikke, if I have gone out to eat then it is probably something that is really bad food that I don't even really need(ie Mexican) That's the reason I don't take it home. I am glad you love the left overs. I should send mine home with you. LOL!

Jean-luc, I usually cut my food in half and that is all I eat. I remember when I could order a small meal that was just right for me. I wish the restaurants would get the hint. Thanks for comming by and commenting.

Jamie said...

I honestly didn't think anyone else would complain about large portion sizes. Seems we former waitresses are kindred spirits.

Finding Pam said...

Jamie, the older we get the less we are suppose to eat. I am trying to loose weight right now.

The portion size does bother me a lot. I can't believe that you were a waitress too. How much fun was that.

I use to catch the bus and ride about 45 minutes to a pancake house downtown. Sometimes the dishwasher didn't show up. I hated working so early in the am.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mimi Lenox said...

"smoke in my eyes"...ha. Good answer.
I love steak and potatoes as well but have stopped eating red meat altogether. Your picture may make me change my mind..

Rudee said...

Interesting, I just ate dinner and now I'm hungry again. Wish I'd taken the leftovers home!

dawn said...

I am not allowed to talk about it ever...

hmmmm.... now you got me curious!

crochet lady said...

That was fun to read about your out to dinner meme.

I'm with you all the way on the noisy restaurant, when I go out I like to go somewhere peaceful, but that doesn't always fit in with the places my guys like to go.