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Portrait of Words


Aloha. Thank you to all that took the plunge and wrote a story for Portrait of Words – #29. I really appreciate it and we had more writers. WOOT!!! Maybe this will grow and we will get more next month. I can only hope but if we don’t those of you that are regulars I thank you. Here are your photos to be used for the story that will be due July 6, 2010. Please use all of the photos for your story. A very special MAHALO goes out to Bill at The Old Fart’s Blog for supplying the photos for next month’s writing exercise. Very much appreciated Bill. If anyone has any pictures that we can use, please feel free to send them to me. You can get all the Writing Guidelines by clicking here. I’m looking forward to reading your creations on July 6, 2010.

The Adventures of Alison...

While my grand daughter was visiting me last Spring she begged to go up into the attic. Alison always goes upstairs to the attic to explore. Attics are a real treasure hunter's paradise and Alison loved to play in all of her great-grandma's things. Alison dressed up in her great- grandma's hats and gloves. She played with the porcelain dolls and had tea parties. She made up some interesting tales to go along with the things she used as props. " Grand momma, why do you live in such a large house?" "This old house used to be filled with my children and their friends and I never thought about giving it up, besides where would you play?"

She was a very creative girl and could spin a story like her great-grandma used to do. Though Alison never knew her great-grandmother, she had so many similar attributes. One day Alison found an old coin. She loved the copper color of it and ask her grandmother if she could have it. Her grandmother had never seen it before today and let her have this coin with out giving it another thought. The girl quickly googled the coin and found out some of it's history.

The coin was a commemorative one to honor royalty. Alison was intrigued, so she kept searching in the attic for more answers. A big barreled trunk was stored far in the back corner of the attic. The young girl had to open it and open it she did! There were all sorts of letters and old photographs of her great-grandmother. The musty smell in the air reminded her of old things past. The rain was pouring down that day and Alison stayed up stairs for hours reading the letters. Playing with her great-grandmother's handkerchiefs and beaded bag. Making up some wonderful stories in her head.

What shocked her the most was the photo of Studio 16. She saw a photo of a young girl in a rather flamboyant dress with a feathered boa around her neck and smoking a cigarette in a long holder standing in line with a couple of men. They looked like children dressed up in play clothes to her. Who were these people? Alison had no clue, but like the treasure hunter, she was determined to get to the truth.

Studio 16 was a very risque club back in it's day. It was a private club and you were admitted by invitation only. It was the place for all young debutantes and their escorts to go to on the weekends. It looked like that young girl in the photos went there often, Alison thought to herself.

"Alison", called out her grand momma, "Come here right now!" "Coming grand momma" exclaimed the young girl. "What have you been up to all day in the attic?" Alison replied," nothing really much." Grand momma told her that it was time to go and meet the bus that was coming to town. We are going to pick up Aunt Virginia. She is coming to visit you. "Who?"said Alison. She is your great-grandmother's sister. "Oh", said Alison. "And we don't want to keep her waiting!"

They arrived just in time to see her great aunt stepping down from the bus. After a brief introduction, they headed towards home. All of a sudden, Aunt Virginia said "Stop, please stop?" What did she see? Why did she want to stop? Aunt Virginia had to stop and get out of the car to pick an apple from this tree. "I guess she likes apples" Alison thought. "Indeed I do like apples"said Aunt Virginia. "As young girls my sister and I would spend hours underneath this apple tree dreaming of boys and things to do and this is one of the last places I want to visit."

When they arrived home Aunt Virginia was taken to her room to settle down until supper was ready. A fine meal of baked chicken, fresh green beans, new potatoes and home made rolls was served. "I am stuffed"said Aunt Virginia. "I think I will go outside and stretch my legs. "Alison, would you like to walk with an old woman?" "Yes, I would" said the young girl.

They strolled quietly along the garden path until they came to a bench. Sweet smells of Spring bring back such lovely memories. Aunt Virginia warmed up to Alison and they began talking about her sister, Alison's great-grandmother. Under the crescent moon Alison looked just like her sister did at that age. "Why young lady do you know who you look like?" She paused for a minute and said "I think I look just like my great-grandmother! "Child...How could you know that?" said her great aunt. Alison told her that she had been in the attic and had seen pictures that looked like herself. Aunt Virginia agreed and said that the next day she would tell her all about her great-grandmother and their family.

The next day they went to the park and spent the whole day talking about family. All the stories Alison had conjured up were really true. "You most definitely take after your great-grandmother. She had the same gift of story telling that you have."

It turned out that Alison's great-grandmother was very wealthy. She had traveled Europe and all over the world. She had even met the King and Queen of England. Alison said " Is this something important?" Aunt Virginia told her of how her great-grandmother had acquired it. The two had such a wonderful time visiting and exploring the attic together that Spring break. "Next time Alison will you come to visit me at my house?" "I would love to" replied Alison.


Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful story my friend. I love how Allison and Aunt Virginia got along so well and how they went for the stroll. Her being up in the attic for all that time and the stories...excellent. It has such a sweet innocence to it. Very well written. Simply adored this story. :) Thank you so much for playing :)

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Awesome story. You have a very special gift.

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This was a beautiful Story Pam, You did a great job with the pictures.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my place and reading my story. Yes this was a continuing story. If you click on the Power of Words button on the left column and start at the beginning you can see every story so far.

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I loved this! Your pictures are just perfect as well.

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Thank you Mime. I just started back POW. I wish more people would write in this challenge.

Hope your lips aren't worn out from all that kissin. LOL!

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Wonderful story written to the pictures. Have a great day, Pam :)