Sunday, September 4, 2011

Please don't talk about the weather

Remember the good old days where small talk revolved around talking about the weather? Or talking about fishing? There's not enough water in the lakes to fish. No rain in weeks and we are having a HEAT WAVE. Since this non ending heat spell has stayed over the central states, no one including myself even wants to talk about the weather anymore. Today's high is 108 degrees. It is grating on my nerves. Everywhere you go it is HOT. There is no place to go to escape it. Even the stores are hot. Argh!

What are you doing to stay cool?

I go to exercise three times a week and I can hardly breath when I finish. Add the one is happy. Our yard is dried up except for the areas in the front and back close to the house where Hubs waters. He get up at the crack of dawn, goes out and waters before he goes to work. Remember? He planted a lot of trees last Spring and he's doing his best to keep them alive.

Last week I worked at the flower shop. I looked forward to going to work. Guess what? It was hot there too. The day before my boss' mother and I traveled two hours to go to a silk wholesaler. And, YES, it was not air conditioned. Thought I was gonna die. I designed five new pieces for a beautiful old church in town. That took me about five hours.

I worked the next week as well. Processed flowers on Monday, designed arrangements for the cooler and did the days orders as well as the ones for tomorrow. You know it's a sad day when my mind co-operates and my body won't. I have been in some sort of flair. I hurt especially from all of the standing. Add in a lot of heat and I am not too happy. It has taken me most of the week to recover from standing. I only thought I was in good shape until I went to work. Argh! Again.

I have to say that I was able to do more than I thought I could do. I went to exercise, then had a little lunch, then off to work. I laid off today and gave myself a break because when I woke up this morning my arm hurt so bad that I could barely lift it. I'm laying low right now.


While some of you have received too much rain and flooding waters from the recent hurricane, we have not received any. Right now Texas is about 17 inches below our annual rainfall. We beat the records for the number of days over a hundred degrees. In fact before this rain, we were at day 59 of temperatures over 100 degrees. It has been horrible.

While I sympathize with those in the flooded areas, I have to admit I am so very thankful for this rain. We have had forest fires all around us. It looks like this week our temps will be below or at 90 degrees. And that puts me in a much better mood.

I hope all of you are with standing the weather no matter what you may have to deal with right now.


DeEtta said...

I can't even imagine 108 degrees. I have been spoiled all summer. So happy you got your much need rain. We have been praying for all our friends in your area and the flood areas. Take care of your sweet self.

Finding Pam said...

We saw even higher temps up to 111 degrees. Right now we are having super high winds and there are at least 14 seperate forest fires in East Texas. Not too far from us.

And of course we have lost our power because of this wind. Hubs is out starting the generator.

Please keep all of us in your prayers. Love ya. Pam

Ferd said...

You're having weather like my daughter has in Tempe! I'm glad you finally got a little relief!

It sounds like you are finding the limits your arthritis puts on you, but living a full life right up to those limits! Good for you! :-)

Finding Pam said...

Ferd, I'm sorry that your daughter is facing this awful weather.

Knowing my limits with this arthritis has tested my spirit in many ways, but I go forward.

Did you get any of that floding from the previous hurricane?

Xmichra said...

I couldn't imagine. I was happy last week with the turn of autumn.. and now we are supposed to have warm temps again. Not warm like you guys (not even close) but I was looking forward to the cooler days.

Just Be Real said...

It has been a miserable summer for most states. Glad you finally had comfort with some rain to cool things off. Blessings to you dear Pam.

Travis Cody said...

That's one of the reasons I moved north. It does get warm here, but not nearly as hot as other places and not ever for as long. We may head up into the high 80s next week, but that's likely to be our last heat wave before we dip down to the low 70s on our way to autumn.

Finding Pam said...

Xmichra, I can't imagine all the cold weather you get in the winter. RIght now forest fires are burning their way across Texas. We can see and smell the smoke. Not good.

JBR, we got a little rain, but not enough to put out these fires. I hope you are enjoying better weather.

Travis, we talked about maybe moving when my Hubs retires, some place where it is not so hot. I have never seen such strange weather as what we have been having. Enjoy your Autumn.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Yesterday the high here was close to 100 F; today's high was 72 F. May the same weather change be yours!

Finding Pam said...

SSN,I am so glad that you are enjoying some cooler weather. We will get some relief this week.
Thank you for stopping by.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

the heat here finally broke and it's been sweater weather. Loving it. I too can't imagine the kind of heat you guys have been getting. It was bad enough where we are.....I'm glad you got the rain. Hopefully also cooler temps..Have a great week Pam

jennifer said...

Oh Pam, we had temps in the SEVENTIES today!! It was like there was hope for fall, right around the corner. Of course, it was only like that because the Tropical Storm rolled through this weekend and I's sure temps are going to sore again soon. But today... AH! It was wonderful. Hang in there Honey - fall is on the way!

Rudee said...

We had that hot, humid nightmare all last weekend. It was too hot to contemplate the Labor Day art festival in town. All that ended when Lee moved north and parked his carcass on us. It's been nothing but cold, windy and rainy for days and while I wish the rain would go away, I welcome the cool temps and ability to wear my handknits once again.

While I don't wish a hurricane upon your great state, a nice, steady tropical rain may help you catch up on rainfall.