Sunday, September 11, 2011

Honey, I need your help?

I have been thinking a while about my house. Things aren't the way I want it to be arranged. I know it is a pain in the neck to have to be so precise about my furniture and how it works together. Why is it that it takes me so long to arrange it how I really like it and how it works the best for each room? Every thing was made for my former home. It took me a while to decorate it after the remodel, but it was perfect. I think it takes a while to get the feel of a new place before it all feels just right.

I need an extra storage room and it would be great if we (I mean my Hubs) would take down the trundle bed and move it to our computer room. We gave my niece and nephew our elliptical and treadmill and kept the Total Gym. The fourth bedroom is where we decided to put the littler box and the things that never get used. I will work on that room later, but for now, I am happy with the change. In my former house, we had built the perfect place for the litter box in the wash room. The cats are too afraid to go outside here. The old home had a screened porch for the cats with a little door for them to go outside. We need something like that here. Just not sure where to put it or if I want it.

I went to exercise on Friday and then to work to do the days orders and then it was time to work on a wedding. The bride wanted something different and fun. My former boss, Courtney, took the order months ago. She was moving to her apartment that day, so the wedding became my job. I had a time with the bouquet because none of the colors matched. I think the wholesaler man is color blind. He missed the mark. I finally got it all together, though, it is not my taste. I hope the bride liked it. Last minute changes make me crazy. Part of the flowers were silk and the rest was fresh. I had to go and buy silk roses. Courtney planed on using something else. The bride wanted roses so she got them. I forgot to tell you that she wanted white feathers and crystals in her bouquet.

I used Star fighters, which are more burgundy than hot pink, dark pink mini Calla lilies, and suppose to have hot pink roses. The roses looked more peachy pink than the color I needed. Why do wholesalers not get it. I think the owner should call the wholesaler and tell him that he was way off on the colors. I did order the flowers, but is it my responsibility to complain? We have had nothing but bad flowers the last month. A problem with the roses not being good. It irks me to no end to get stuff that in no good. If I don't like it then will the customers? I don't think so.

Saturday, I woke up late and thought I was late for exercise and work. I thought it was Friday again. Argh...
I was so tired by the time I got home Friday that I don't want to relive that day again.

I made home made vegetable soup on Saturday. It is even better today. I also made chicken salad for lunch. My cooking has improved this weekend. I told my hubs that I think I have forgotten how to cook. You know what he said? "I think you have, too." Something about my taste buds is off and nothing taste right. It really makes cooking a challenge. I would love to have someone cook for us. I would not mind doing the dishes at all. We eat so differently now than when our sons lived at home. I no longer do large meals with two or three vegetables. I keep it simple. Just the basics. I think I am just tired of cooking and with the summer heat it was too hot to entertain the idea of cooking or grilling out.

Thankfully, the temps this week are so much cooler than previous months. I hope it doesn't get that hot again.

I decided to host Thanksgiving at our home again. Last year, hubs, told his sister that we didn't want to have it here. We host it because Hubs won't go to their homes. He hates to travel. It sure is a lot of work, but I usually enjoy it. You have no idea of the crazy things that my brother-n- law says to me. You're not going to believe this.

Every since he had open heart surgery a few years back, he has been so obnoxious. He's always spoke his mind. Last year, as everyone was leaving he came up to me and sang a stupid song to me about needing to find a map to locate all the rolls of fat. I kid you not, he thought that he was funny. Every year he gets worse. I cringe at the thought of what he will say next. One year he called my boobs grapefruits. Good lord this man is crazy. I never want to be in a corner with him. What is it about old age that he thinks he can say anything? I hope I am never like him. I have to laugh at him and his nonsense.

I love my SIL, but I feel sorry for her being married to such a man. I was so shocked that I could not say anything. I thought about it for a long time. He is an old man. I will give him that...he won't live forever. He didn't know that would hurt my feelings. So what's up with his behavior?

Our sons said that Thanksgiving is the only time they get to see all of their cousins and their families. After thinking hard on this, I decided to have it at our home. I will expect the unexpected remark from him, but this time I will have a reply ready for him.

Ya'll be blessed.


Xmichra said...

I just keep in mind that every family has 'one of those' and thank the heavens it aint' me or in my home. That usually gets me thorough the obligitory dinners - and keeps the peace so all the others can enjoy what is meant to be a good family time.

That and a witty remark. You definately need a few of those to bazinga the dude with ;)

Finding Pam said...

Xmichra, I agree with you totally. I love "thank the heavens it aint' me or in my home." Too funny.

Send me all of the remarks you have and I will start testing them out now.

DeEtta said...

Make a "honey do" list and go read a good book. I am totally with you on forgetting how to cook. It is easier to cook for a group than for one or two.

Enjoy your THANKSGIVING. I would give anything to have Thanksgiving Dinner with all our family here. That will only happen in my dreams.

Take care and enjoy the cooler weather.

Sandee said...

I'm sure you'll get your home decorated the way you want it at some point. That gives you something to work on and that's a good thing.

About the flowers. What. A. Shame. Just saying.

I can't wait to hear your come-back with your BIL. I hope you post that.

Have a terrific day honey and enjoy the cooler temps. Hugs. :)

Rudee said...

Well it sounds like your bil is a bit of an ass and my bet is--though you wouldn't think so--he's likely thin skinned when the tables are turned. You must come up with some stings of your own.

Gail said...

HI PAM - you had a busy week, and I can smell that vegetable soup!! :-) Thanksgiving? Huh. It is just around the corner. wow! I/we always host here - it is my favorite holiday and folks love my stuffing.mmmmmmm Skipp and I do everything together and set it up buffet style on our counters so folks can serve themselves and leave room on the table for 'eating'!! Enjoy the cooler weather and stop by my place and see the remnants of Irene and how we survived it all
Love Gail

jennifer said...

I changed some things around in my house this week too. I like my furniture to be just so.

I am craving vegetable soup now :)

Sarah (Nikki) said...

When we moved to the place we're in...I also struggled to put things in places that fit good to my eye.....A friend finally came over and helped me b/c I was going nuts. Changes....even good ones....are so hard. Glad things are falling into place though Pam....wishing you a great day out there . Stay strong and safe.....

"Annie" said...

I can relate to what you've written in in many ways. I don't cook large meals since my son has moved out, and I have an absolutely awful stepfather.

So, I know how you feel about being around a crazy man, and having to be polite. I know he is an old man, but that does not give him the right to put you down and make you feel uncomfortable. You said it right when you wrote,
"So what's up with his behavior?"

I'm glad you realize that the problem is his, and remember you have a right to feel anyway you wish...feelings are never right or wrong.

It sounds like you handle your snl better than I deal with my step-dad. I haven't spoken to my own mother in two months because it causes them to fight. And know I think it's easier for her to join him than it is to listen to him, so she has joined the critical band wagon.

He has been criticizing everything about me since I was twelve, so I think she just gave up the fight.

Hence, I lose my Mom too. It's like walking a tight rope.

You're too good of a person and a mother to have to put up with someone like that, and I'm sorry you do.

Although, I'm proud of you for not allowing him to ruin what should be a pleasant day for you and your family.

I'll be with you in spirit, because I know you will "have a reply ready for him."

You're the best Pam ~


Finding Pam said...

You ladies are the best. Thank you all for your comments. I love each and everyone of you.

Willy said...

Being the Honey in Honey Do aint great. Keep the list short and honey might get it done.

10-4 Willy

Finding Pam said...

Wily, I had to laugh at "being the Honey in Honey do ain't great."

You are so right about keeping the list short. It works everytime. I also give my honey a heads up and time to think about my projects.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I see you live in Arksansas? Nice to meet you.