Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sniff, sniff, achooouu...

When I feel good, everything goes great; however, when I am sick, well things just fall apart. Does anyone know why this happens and does this happen to you? Most times I can suck it up and being sick doesn't bother me. The last week I have had what I thought was a horrible allergy thing in my head. You know the sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes and general achy feeling. It is becoming a head cold now.

Not being one to rush off to the doctor, I wait and wait to see if I can heal on my own. I usually give myself three days to get sick, three days to have it and three days to get over it. It has always worked for me in the past. So, I should start feeling better by Saturday. I hope so anyway.

Everything just sorta falls apart when I am not feeling my best. I don't feel like eating because nothing taste good, so I eat the wrong foods. House work falls to the way side, washing clothes, and any and all cleaning. Everything comes to a screeching halt. Why is it that getting older has to be so hard sometimes. Nothing heals as as fast as it used to.

I worked sick on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is homecoming time in east Texas. It is funny that I can work sick, but not exercise sick. I finally took Monday off from work. Missed two days of exercise. My brain is in a fog and I can barely think straight. Add to that not sleeping and you get a cranky sick woman. Argh!

I went back to exercise yesterday, I will be off work till next Tuesday and I have exercise again tomorrow. Why does it hurt so much when you start back to exercise? Did I give myself enough time to be sick? I think so. I hope so. I cooked an eye of round roast last night with rice and green beans. That was the best meal in a while that I have cooked. My appetite is a little better though I can't taste or smell anything.

For me, nothing is worse than being just a little sick. Just sick enough to feel yucky, but not sick enough to go to bed. And why is it that after I have been sick, I feel all hot and sweaty even after just standing and working? I can't stand that feeling. Do any of you get like that after being sick?

I hope none of you are suffering with allergies or a cold. I'm upping my doses of vitamin C and taking my vitamins. I'll talk with you later.


Sandee said...

All of us are out of sorts when we don't feel good. You're no different than the rest of us. I hope you get better soon. I hate have a cold of any kind.

Big healing hugs. :)

Finding Pam said...

Sandie, you're so right. I guess that so often I don't feel good from other things that when I am sick I don't want to be sidelined.

Thanks for the big healing hug. :)

The Bear's Blog said...

Miss Pam,

REST REST REST. Drink, drink, drink (water that is, giggle). Hot tea with Tupelo honey & REST.

Most humans can't exercise when they are sick so just give yourself time to heal.

Being out of sorts - ha, I invented the phrase. (o:

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence (the RN bear)

Finding Pam said...

Prudence, thank you for the great advice. I am drinking lots of water, though I haven't tried the hot tea with tupelo honey. Sounds good.

Why do I feel all sweaty?

Xmichra said...

I swear - I could copy and paste your blog into my own. I have been suffering from the *exact* same thing from start to finish. Uncanny. Especially we are so far apart logistically.

I think we will work sick because we feel obligated and don't want to dissapoint others, and we don't apply that to ourselves (so we can allow ourselves to not work out). But really - you shouldn't work out when you are sick either, because you can get worse.

and as for the sweating part, when people get sick they get that because of a few things (heat exausted, like with fevers, anxiety over not being able to function properly etc) but I bet yours gets out of control because you have syndrome X. I have that as well, and when my blood suger levels go crazy I get really clammy. I chose all the wrong foods when I get sick too (I swear, the cold needs them to sweat it out!) and that will make me sweat every single time. I asked about that a long time ago, and this is what my doc said. He also told me to make sure I didn't over heat myself (because you will feel cold until you feel like you are boiling) and to not wear things like heave sweaters or scarves because we are reluctant to take those things off in public.

Seems that works for me. But I still eat horribly when I am sick. I crave french onion soup and hot wings. Must be a comfort food ;)

The Bear's Blog said...

Miss Pam,

You probably have a fever. BE CAREFUL. Keep warm.

Love you,

Debra said...

Pam, so sorry to hear you've been sick. I've not been sick but I sure have been stressed out as much as I have ever been in my entire life! Mostly about stuff and changes at work. Being so stressed has left me with being so exhausted both mentally and physically. It's an effort to put clothes on or walk across a room. I guess you might could say I'm depressed as well but you are the first one I've admitted that to.

Anyway, sorry, this was suppose to be a comment about you! Take it easy and get well soon. We have believe these types of things will's the getting through them though that's the hard part!

lailani said...

T-2 to Saturday!! May you feel MUCH MUCH better VERY VERY fast!


Finding Pam said...

Xmichra, that is so weird that we have the same thing. I had to laugh at this sentence...
"I chose all the wrong foods when I get sick too (I swear, the cold needs them to sweat it out!)"

Are you sure we are not related? I hope you get better soon.

I really can stand sweat or claminess. I am glad to know there is a cause. I will have to read up on Syndrome X. I feel like I did when I was pregnant years ago. Hot all the time. Must be hormones. I stopped my hormones last year. Maybe I need to go back on them? Take care of yourself,my friend.

Prudence, I can't find my thermomenter. You could be right.
Love you, too.

Debra, I know all to well how adversly change can affect us. I hope your stress passes soon. I'm sad to hear that you are depressed. I know all too well about that also. I've been feeling really lonely as of late. Don't know why or what to do about it.

I am not patient when it comes to things passing. Waiting is hard for me. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Big hugs to you.

Finding Pam said...

Lailani, thank you my friend. I hope to feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

three days to get sick, three days to have it and three days to get over it....

That's my method too! I hate going to the doctor so I'm usually at death's door before I get there.

Feel better soon :)

Finding Pam said...

Dawn, can you tell we both don't like to go to the doctor? I am glad that you use my method for waiting. It only makes sense.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Talk with you later.

DeEtta said...

I can say "amen" to your post. Have been suffering from a nasty head cold, no appetite, runny eyes, plugged nose, ear ache, and body ache. I am waiting until Monday to see if I need to go to the doctor. Just hope it doesn't settle into a sinus infection. Had company for a week so acted like I felt good. When they left I collapsed.

Get feeling better.

Just Be Real said...

I am one too that certainly will not rush to the doctor. Yeah, I can work as well. Hope you will be feeling better soon Pam. Blessings.

Finding Pam said...

DeEtta,it amazes me how we can act like we feel better when company comes over. I don't know how you did that for a week. I hope you are better soon, dear friend.

JBR,I see you don't like doctors as well? I hope all is well with you right now. It is hard to get well when you don't take off to get well. It's how we roll.

Rudee said...

I don't have time to host a virus, still, from time to time, like a stinky house guest, one moves in and takes over. I can't do much when I'm sick.

Hope you're feeling better and you've given your germs the boot.

Remember the adage: Fluid is the solution to viral pollution. You must drown the bugs.

Finding Pam said...

Rudee, I had to laugh about your comment..."like a stinky house guest one moves in and takes over."

I've not heard that saying before "Fluid is the solution to viral pollution. You must drown the bugs." I like it though.

Nurse Rudee, can you tell me why we get so sweaty and clammey after being sick. It is gross and I can't stand it.

Thank you Nurse Rudee.

Akelamalu said...

This post so resonates with me at the moment.

Travis Cody said...

The thing to do is not to feel guilty when you're sick, even if it's just a little sick. All the stuff that you don't feel like doing will be there when you feel like doing it again.

Take care!

Finding Pam said...

Akelamula, I am sorry that you ae sick as well. Looks like a lot of us are fighting it right now.

Travis,That is sound advice. It is easier said that done.

Ferd said...

I have never not gone to work because of illness or injury. So over the 31 years of my working career I have gone to work not feeling my 100% best plenty of times. I know what you mean. Everything is much harder. I now know that when I'm sick, I just can't do the same amount or quality of work as when I'm well. Usually that still works out okay.

Since I am commenting so long after you posted this, I hope you are all better now! :-)

Finding Pam said...

Ferd, I am better now. Thanks for the comment.