Sunday, October 2, 2011

My cat and dog don't work together

Last of ther huming birds

Morning sky

He knows he is in trouble

After supper, we were watching TV. We heard Hot Dog barking and not in a good way. More like the sound of a wild animal defending its kill. I am eyeing the cats, two are not in the same room. Then I see Bruno in front of the kitchen cabinet. I covered the left over roast with a bowl to avert Bruno from being tempted to taste it. What I didn't count on was Bruno turning over the bowl. He must have jumped down with the little bit of roast left. I'm guessing what happened next. Hot Dog must have grabbed the left over roast and when Bruno tried to get it then Hot Dog growled/barked. It was a small skirmish, but no one was hurt.

No more scraps for either one of those two. We are bad about giving left overs to them. I cut the roast up into smaller pieces and I will give it to them maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

I'm just glad he didn't bite my hand when I went to pick up the roast. I didn't want to give him any reason to bite. He has been testy lately with all of the cats. I'm not sure what is going on with him. He seems to be growling more than ever even at me. Grouchy old dog. You would think they would work together for both of their sakes. Looks like my two critters aren't that agreeable to working together.


lailani said...

Glad he didn't take a snip at you too! Oh our pets! :)

Ferd said...

I guess they're just being themselves, huh? Classic dog and cat!

Nice picture of the sky and clouds!

I think our hummingbirds are now gone. The last one I saw was last week. :-(

Finding Pam said...

Lailani,I am glad, too. I think being the only dog has gone to his head. Ha. Ha.

Ferd, I guess they don't think like I would about team work.

I'm going to miss those humming birds. Until next Spring.

THe sky has been so very blue. I love it.

DeEtta said...

Beautiful cloud picture. I hate seeing the hummingbirds leave. Maybe in time the dog and cats will learn to like each other.