Sunday, October 2, 2011

Abuse of horses

Lucy Lu

Note: these pictures might not be suitable to view

Charley( the brown appaloosa) and Hershey( the grey appaloosa)


This is the paddock where the horses are living
See the metal on the ground?

A cut on Lucy Lu's foot from the metal in the paddock

You can see Charley's rump area looks bad. There is muscle loss in his hind quarters.

He drags his leg now


Not a safe place for these horses. See them in the back ground of the carport?

Ribs showing even after finally eating some hay and grain.


Grazing on our land 2010

Pictures of neighbor's horses August of 2010. Ribs showing
This beautiful girl is Lucy Lu. These pictures are taken a little over a year ago. We were concerned enough then to ask our neighbors to let their horses come to our land and eat.


This is another horse also named Hershey about a year or so ago. This gentle fellow is the one that died. This beautiful guy died about two weeks ago from neglect I suspect. He was helpless and stuck in a small paddock with four other horses. No hay, not much grain, sometimes no water. This is too hard to watch on a day to day basis.

I called the Sheriff to report the owner of these four horses. I tell them the full story about their case. How a Pitt bull and another dog got in and chewed at these horse's legs and how his legs got infected. How this horse died. How no one called a vet or even could afford a vet much less the hay and grain to feel these magnificent creatures. My neighbor's uncle took the dead horse off. Where I do not know.

This is not the first time someone has called to report on these horses. Nothing was done last summer about their situation. My neighbor is having a hard time since her husband left her. I think she is overwhelmed with all of the horses. Still that is not an excuse to let a horse die.

I wait and wait to hear from the sheriff. No call from them. One of my neighbors takes hay and water to these poor horses. Two days later, I call the sheriff again. The report I get is not too good. One of the horses, Charley, is in really poor shape. His rear end shows bone and muscle loss. His withers is bone and no muscle. I fear he will be the next one to die. The older appaloosa is just OK and the painted horse, Lucy Lu, is in OK shape. I can't stand to see this happening. It makes me so sick and very angry at the same time.


DeEtta said...

So sad and such beautiful horses.

dawn said...

It's a total outrage. I cannot believe nothings been done. You should go to the media and make people aware.

Mimi said...

I feel sick too, reading this and looking at the pictures. Poor, poor horses, defenceless creatures. Please keep phoning the sheriff if you can, they've got to do something.

Finding Pam said...

DeEtta, it is very sad. I believe that family has found a home for the horses. One of their relatives is moving down here. I won't know if their situation is better or not. I just hope and pray it is.

Dawn, You have to understand that there are a lot of ignorant people in east Texas that don't know anything about horses. There is another poor horse a few miles from us. His ribs aren't showing but he is tied up on a rope and his water is always tumped over.

Mimi, I am going to stay on top of this for sure. The family that owns them can barely take care of themselves. It is really so sad.

Rudee said...

It's a sin. Perhaps you should:

1. Remind the sheriff he is an elected official and you'd like a call returned..
2. Call the humane society, PETA, or ASPCA.
3. Call the local news station.

What an horrific situations for these horses. What's the point of keeping them if they won't care for them?

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Pam...this is soo heartbreaking. Why do people hurt others....the innocent...the helpless...the ones that are dependent on them. :(