Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A view into my life.

It's been a while since I last posted.  I thought I would update my post today by saying that I am finally over being sick with these allergies.  I went to the allergy doctor, he tested me and changed my medicines.  I'm not allergic to much except house dust, two types of dust mites, a mold, which I can't pronounce and a lot of trees that we happen to have on our land.  With that being said, he thinks my allergies come from one of two sources.  One, being from a medicine that can make you cough and the other being acid reflux.  I found out that I was on half the dosage for my reflux.  Go figure.

Since my last post, we are down two ducks.  Stubborn ducks refused to put up on those two nights.  Gone in sixty seconds.  No signs of them anywhere. The last two ducks remain together at all times.  The other day, Hubs comes inside and said "We are out of the duck business."   He looked every where for them.  Later, that day, I said lets go down to the pond and let me look for them.  Well, you know those two ducks were there.  I had to giggle with joy to see them alive and swimming on the pond.  Seems Hubs  can't find the ducks just like he can't find his eye glasses.  Giggle...snort...tee hee!

Things are going too well for my sister, Candy.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She is in the hospital right now.  More later.


Sandee said...

Sorry about your sister being in the hospital again. Prayers in progress.

I'm glad you're feeling better in the allergy department. I don't have that problem but have been around people that do and they are pretty miserable.

Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Pam,

Where have you bean, jelly bean? Giggle.

We love your new "look" so fresh and spring like.

Oh, those duckies are a hand full, they just wanted to go for a little swim. We are thankful that they are well & safe.

Hugs ♥

DeEtta said...

Nice to hear you are feeling better and have your allergies under control. The duck story made me SMILE:)

Prayers for your Sister, Candy.

Rudee said...

Sorry to hear about your sister. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Reflux and beta blockers or ace inhibiters? Not good mixes.

As for the dust...I'm considering buying a Roomba. I can't keep up with the dust bunnies. I'm just wondering if it's worth a couple of sweater's worth of yarn to buy a robot to vacuum for me. I think it may be, after all. LOL.

I just got rid of one of my pillows and I don't wake up with crusty eyes anymore. I think I was allergic to that thing!

Just Be Real said...

Woo hoo on the allergy defeat! So sorry about your sister dear one. Hugs.

Akelamalu said...

Good to hear you are getting your allergies sorted out.

Sorry to hear about your sister, I will keep her in my prayers and send Reiki. xx

Finding Pam said...

Thank you ladies for all of the comments. I appreciate the prayers for my sister.

Xmichra said...

Sorry to hear about your sister :( I hope she recovers soon!

Good to hear about your ducks (I dislike birds, but know what it's like to have a fuzzy friend me MIA).

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