Monday, July 30, 2012

Letting go of the stress is easier said than done, but after this week... it's looking better and better.

I've been reluctant to post much as of late because I figure if I am this sick of hearing all about my sister's problems, then you may be too.  I have to say things have changed some for Candy. I am excited to say that she has sold her home to a man that flips homes.  It is awesome to report good news for a change. She thought she found a place near her son's home, but that didn't work out. 

Through the years, I kept telling Candy that her ship would come in someday.  Her reply was "It will probably be rotten".  Just have to keep a lot of faith. I think she believes it now.  The next step is to get her into a home near her son and his wife.  Her health is doing better. She signed up for her Medicare part D and has her prescriptions covered.  Someone wants to buy her antiques, which will help her even more since a new place will not have enough room for most of her things.  Thank you to all that kept us in your prayers.  You will never know how much it was appreciated. 

After my last post about Candy's problems, I really needed to take a break from them.  Of course, my kind of break and a real break are nothing alike. Looks like Hubs will retire earlier than he thought.   He wanted to work until he was seventy, but the company offered a severance package and he decided to accept it.  He is sixty-four years old.  A little tiny bit of information... our local pharmacy fills our prescriptions for a lot less than our insurance company.  Why am I only finding this out now?

Hubs has been drilling a water well for our garden and our yard.  I like that he always has some sort of project going on.  It's not necessarily any of my projects right now.  I'm thinking about painting the inside of our home.  It's not something I relish, but I do know how to paint.  Maybe in the fall.

I had a nuclear stress test this morning.  I kept thinking I might be having a heart attack, so after an inconclusive visit to the E.R., my family doctor scheduled me for a visit to a heart doctor.  I am proof positive that stress will sucker punch me in my gut every time.   Oops... they forgot to tell me more about this the part where if you are claustrophobic...then you might want to have a sedative for the next step.  There are just things that people forget to tell you.  I survived only to get sick when I got home.  Probably from not eating during the long period of testing time.  Diabetes does not like to be ignored. 

So there you have it.  Even with all of this happening, I am so very blessed even in difficult times. 


Sandee said...

Great news on Candy. I'm so happy things are looking up for her. You both remain in my prayers. Especially you and all your medical issues.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

DeEtta said...

Not sick about hearing about Candy. Group prayers and be very effective. Happy to hear things are looking up. Small baby steps! You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love to a special lady.

Gail said...

HI PAM - life goes on - as I all too well know since my Mom recently passed away. I miss he terribly.
GHood news about your Sis and seems like your life will change too with your husband retiring. A new chapter for us all
Love to you

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear your sister is getting things sorted. x

Rudee said...

Sometimes we've got to draw a line in the sand when others around us make us feel ill. Get out a big stick, my friend. Time to start drawing.

How are your critters? Have the ducks survived summer?