Friday, August 3, 2012

Waiting to exhale

Thankfully, I passed my stress test.  Hubs passed his also.  I can't believe how much stress had built up on my shoulders and I didn't even know it.  I continually see so many blessings in my life.  Blessings that I'm sure I don't deserve, but thankful that God thinks I am worthy. 

In this journey of life, I have made many transitions to adapt and adjust to the hand I was dealt. I will be forever grateful that God sees more in me than I only a parent would. God's love endures forever. 

While running my errands yesterday, I pulled off the road for a funeral procession to pass.  I was so touched by the respect of the drivers. In fact, this simple act of kindness always stirs emotion in me.  Sort of a mini pause to show respect for a total stranger.  A stranger who's life has come to an end. A brief moment of  respect for someone I didn't know.  Of course it brings back memories of funerals of loved ones passed. They were given that moment of respect, too.  How awesome is that? Life would be so much grander if we all showed that very same gesture for our fellow man?

For no reason, I shed a tear for this person. I hope he/she lived a life filled with love and great joy. That's when it occurred to me.  Am I living my life in full measure and abundance of blessings.  Do I always remember those blessings?  I know the answer to the question before the words leave my lips.  A big resounding "No!"  Why have I let stress still my joy?  And the big question...Am I doing something worthwhile with my life?  Not if I let stress continue to keep a foot hole in my daily space. 

I'm sick to see how worry and stress have taken a foot hold in my life. It's time I started remembering myself.  Maybe doing something for the shear joy of it.  Life gets in my way of living joyfully.  I hope with all of the recent events that have happened that I won't take anything for granted.

I hope you have a good weekend. As for me...I am going to take a deep breath and exhale.


Akelamalu said...

I'm thankful every day since I retired that we no longer have any stress. We are living life to the full. :)

Sandee said...

I've noticed that when we get older we tend to gets stressed more easily. I don't like that.

I hope you can find some way(s) to handle/manage your stress.

Have a terrific day and weekend honey as we are truly blessed. Hugs. :)

Rudee said...

Never forget this, NO is a complete sentence. It needs no qualifiers. When asked to do something you don't want to do, or simply can't, NO, all by its lonesome should suffice.

Practice. Wash, rinse and repeat as needed.


It's hard for those of us who can't get our heads around this, but if you want to save your sanity, you need to add this word to your vocabulary.

DeEtta said...

Great insights on stress, a lesson learned for me. I stress out so much. Your thoughts on the funeral passing by was beautiful. You deserve all your blessings because you are always thinking and doing for others.

Finding Pam said...

Akelamula, I really appreciate your comment. Living life to the fullest is the best way to live.

Sandee,I think I'm too involved with my stress. I need to give it up or get busy doing something I love. I sure appreciate your thoughts.

Rudee, that's some sage advice. I laughed when you said "NO IS A COMPLETE SENTENCE". Priceless. I hope you are having a great vacation.

DeEtta, let's work together to give up stress? It is no fun to be sick and tired all of the time due to stress. I'm sure God doesn't want us to have all of this stress because it takes away from all that we could be doing for others.

Sandi McBride said...

Pam, this was a wonderful really is thought provoking. Since I am allowed upright for more than 15 minutes a time every 2 hours, I've been playing blog catch up and yours really brought it home how blessed by God I am...thanks

Finding Pam said...

Sandi, thank you for reading my post. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to navigate around after foot surgery. I hope you are as good as new soon.

I enjoyed reading your post about your Mother and Daddy. Sure was a lot of love in your family.