Saturday, May 22, 2010

It Is So Hot And It's Not Even Summer yet. Argh!

While today it is hot and muggy, I am finally going to finish up some long overdue house work. It seems like I never completely finish my chores. I hate unfinished projects, but my desire to complete them waivers from moment to moment.

It is hard to get older and loose some of my strength. I use to move furniture all the time. Now I am a weakling. I can't do anything without Hubs help. I have lost my Humph...and I don't know how to get it back. I have always been a strong physical woman, until the last year or so.

Right now I am trying to empty out the craft room and disperse the contents to other rooms, so I can move the exercise equipment from our bedroom to the empty room. Last night I moved the antique barrister's book case. I did unload the books and after about ten trips, it dawned on me to use my stainless steel cart. This book shelf comes apart into three sections with a separate top and stand. That took forever, but it is done. My back is killing me today.

I ask Hubs to help me sometime this weekend. We'll see. He is out in this horribly hot humid weather working in the yard. It is 104 degrees on my deck. Off the deck, it is ten degrees cooler. Too hot for this gal. He has been mowing and gardening. Not me, I hate to sweat, I hate to get dirty. So until cooler weather, I won't be out this time of day. Maybe tonight when it is seventy degrees.

Ya'll have a great weekend. I am off to straighten up the pantry.


Thom said...

Sounds like you have been real busy and are going to be busier yet. :) Take some time for yourself my friend. You'll get it back. Just do some simple things. Enjoy a childs laugh, a leaf falling from a tree. Take a stroll and enjoy the beauty all around you :) It works wonders and smile plenty. Makes all things better :) Have a wonderful weekend :) Don't let that Pantry be your entire weekend LOL

Coach Mac said...

We feel ya here in AZ...hit 101 yesterday - just the beginning!

Finding Pam said...

Thom, that is some awesome advice you gave me. I have worked too hard today, but it was so worth it. I promise to take it easy tomorrow.

I cleaned out my craft room, moved everything out and then Hubs moved the treadmill, elipitical, the total gym and weights from our bedroom to the empty room. Now I have to find places for all the stuff I took out of my former craft room. Never even got to the pantry. LOL!

Coach Mac, I don't know how anyone stands the humidity. We had about two weeks of Spring and then Summer has hit.

Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by.

DeEtta said...

Last night it snowed in the foothills and will be down to freezing tonight. Glad I didn't plant the tomatoes. The pastures and hills are so green though, beautiful.

I felt like I had to everythng at once and now I just take baby steps and try to "smell the roses".

Mzrellerelle said...

Lmao..this reminds me of all the stuff i should be doing...but am too lazy to do *shrugs* It is hot here too :(

Rudee said...

I hope you're able to squeeze a little relaxation into your weekend. 104 is hot. It's to be sunny and 80 in Detroit today. I'm going to make a pitcher of iced tea and go sit on the porch to spin and read. I'm sure I'll attract some neighbors with my wheel--people can't resist such old fashioned contraptions.

Have a great day, Pam!

Finding Pam said...

DeEtta, on my, when does it warm up in Utah? I remember how cold it was here last winter. I said I would keep those memories for our hot summers.

Mzrellerlle, You must live in the souther United States. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I like your blog. You have to write more about fashion. Loved it.

Sandee said...

We are freezing here in California. Horribly cold. :(

Travis Cody said...

I have to say that I'm so glad I moved to the pacific northwest five years ago. It gets warm in the western part of Washington state, but here outside of Seattle it stays very comfortable and tolerable.

Watch out for that heat now.