Sunday, September 30, 2012

Same song, fifth verse

Candy is back in the hospital again.  The wreck not only totaled her car, but totaled her body as well.  She is in a lot of pain from her neck to her back.  She has asked to be back in the geriatic behavior unit.

On a good note...she is not driving.  Her son told her not to drive anymore.  He printed out the police report and showed her.  He gave her a choice of not driving or have the judge pull her liscense. 

As for me, I have taken a break from all of her troubles.  I pray she gets the help she needs.


Sandee said...

I hope and pray she gets the help she needs too. We can't fight someones battles. All we can do is love them.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Rudee said...

Nothing you can do will change that situation, but maybe dropping me an email can help you feel better. You see, today is your lucky day as you're the winner of the next pair of mittens off my needles! See yesterday's post for details and drop me a line on your favorite colors.

DeEtta said...

Prayers that your sister will get help. Take care of and be good to yourself, you are worth it. Lots of {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}} and LOVE!

Akelamalu said...

It's good that she's not driving through choice and hopefully is getting the help she needs.

You look after yourself Pam. x